Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Lack of dissent can be a scary thing

Bush Administration

Six resignations to date! That's not record breaking or anything but Colin Powell's resignation speaks volumes and he doesn't have to say a word. I wonder if Donny will hang in there...by the looks of things I say yes.

The Bush Administration is getting a little too HOMOgeneous...come on people we need a little more diversity of thought!

We will suffer from lack of creativity, as this group of people running our world, become insufficiently agile to adapt to the rapidly changing realities of this world.

Never in our history has it been more important for diversity of viewpoints to exist, in order to stimulate complex thinking, better problem solving and to spur creativity. Eclectic groups also encourage people to reassess entire issues, research information on all sides, and to come at the problem from all possible directions, therefore helping to find more solutions.


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