War on Drugs = War for Profit

Update 3/5/2013: War on Drugs: Cui Bono? Cui Pacat? Cui Patitur?

Since the Nixon presidency, the U.S. government has poured almost a trillion dollars into the “war on drugs,” and what has it produced? More drugs. More inner-city violence, and the largest prison population in the world. Since Mexico's former President Felipe Calderon initiated a large scale "war on drugs" in 2006 funded by millions, perhaps billions, of dollars in U.S. aid, the death toll in Mexico is believed to have reached at least 60,000, possibly even $80,000, with more than 26,000 people missing. As the murder rate has dramatically increased, with Ciudad Juárez on the northern border recognised, not too long ago, pinpointed as the most dangerous city on the planet, the supply of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine from Mexico continues to increase.

So, without doing much research, it's easy to answer questions such as these when it comes to the "war on drugs," Although, to be sure, research will most definitely support the answers we can see right in front of our eyes: escalated race and class warfare--in effect, a new Jim Crow; mass incarceration of American citizens (1100% increase for drug law violations); unimaginable violence, especially in Mexico; more drugs than ever before; wealthier than wealthy banksters, politicians, CEOs, multinational corporations, etc.;  unprecedented wealth and power, and the list goes on  and on. 

In other words:

Cui bono? Who benefits? Why, the capstone elite, of course. No, I'm not talking Illuminati, I'm just referring to those few special people who reside at the top of the socioeconomic pyramid.

Cui pacat? Who pays? We, the taxpayers, as usual. 

Cui patitur? Who suffers? The people who reside at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid.

Another question you might want to ask yourself is, which kills more people? Marijuana? War on drugs?  To my knowledge, pure marijuana has never killed anyone, while the war on drugs is responsible for millions of deaths.  In fact, marijuana has numerous health benefits, but that's another story.

Let's take a look at Mexico for a clear cut example. Not only who gets what, that's fairly obvious; but are the results of this "war on drugs"-- that just so happens to coincide with neo-liberal "reform"--purely an accident, making the "war on drugs" a complete failure?  Or, was/is the "war on drugs" really quite successful when you dig a little deeper and discover the true motive/agenda?  Remember, Mexico's war on drugs is using the same model used in Columbia: Plan Columbia

Warning: If you believe everything is a coincidence, and that the predator ruling class, no matter what political party they attach themselves, are mostly benevolent creatures, who are only looking out for our best interest, there is no need to read any further.

While Carlo Slim Helu, world's richest man according to Forbes, takes in $27 million per day--yes, that's per day--half of all Mexican citizens barely take in $2 per day. In fact, it's so bad in Mexico-- innocent people are kidnapped, tortured and brutally murdered, then displayed for public consumption by viscous rivaling drug cartels on a daily basis--right now that many of its citizens have two choices: sneak into America, or work for what's turned Mexico into the the horrific war zone that it is: the drug cartels.  The cartels have gained so much power, they could be considered a de facto and/or "parallel government."  After all, in too many areas throughout Mexico, the heavily armed cartels are implementing their own brand of law and order.

As for defending oneself in this living hell, it's almost impossible because legally owning a gun  is nearly impossible, and most of law enforcement/military/government are corrupt, or indistinguishable from the cartels, leaving Mexican citizens to live their daily lives like pop-up figures in a shooting gallery.

Now if Mexico were solely responsible for this unimaginable tragedy, one could argue, "it's their problem...let them deal with it," and tough immigration laws might make sense.  However, not only are most of the drugs sold to Americans, and not only is America providing 90% of the estimated 15 million illegal assault weapons--an arsenal of highly sophisticated weaponry-- the U.S. participated in setting up the conditions that would facilitate the drug cartels' slaughter of Mexican citizens...from the very beginning--and conditions we continue to facilitate

While Mexico most certainly took part, the Clinton administration, and other western imperial powers pushed NAFTA, which accelerated the neo-liberal "reforms" widening the already huge wealth gap in Mexico, pauperizing the working class, and pushing the already poverty-stricken Mexicans into even deeper poverty. Of course, this ensured that the drug cartels would have a vast population from which to recruit foot soldiers

Moreover, Clinton  refused to allow the subject of narco-trafficking, in relation to NAFTA, into public debate, even though, for example, the DEA, voiced its concerns that by improving infrastructure (road/rail system, removal of tariffs for goods going northwards), for the increased trade from Mexico into the U.S. would make it that much easier for drug traffickers.

Clinton can't say he didn't know of the consequences NAFTA would create for the Mexican people because he had already created and implemented Operation Gatekeeper, aimed at halting illegal immigration at the United States–Mexico border. He knew NAFTA would not only impoverish Mexicans, but it could be said the U.S. government was well aware of the war-zone it would create. In fact, it could be said that is exactly what they wanted.

Crazy? Not so much. There is no doubt that preparing Mexico and laying the foundation for NAFTA were in the works a long time ago. In the 1980s, as Mexico was coerced to implement a more neo-liberal approach toward politics and government, abandoning the social arena, and creating, more or less, a social vacuum that the cartels were/are more than happy to fill, that is, along with the brutal violence.
“From 1980 to 1991, Mexico received thirteen structural adjustment loans from the World Bank, more than any other country. It also signed six agreements with the IMF, all of which brought increased pressure to liberalize trade and investment.”-- Tom Barry, Zapata’s Revenge.
NAFTA reshaped Mexico's  land ownership laws, slashed tarrifs on U.S. imports, and allowed subsidized U.S. corn to flood the country, devastating Mexico's agricultural sector.  Ironically, lured by the promise of work, border towns like Ciudad Juarez, now murder capital of the world,  attracted many of the Mexicans who could no longer find work after NAFTA was implemented.  The factories located there that provided cheap labor (equivalent of approximately $5/day) to foreign manufacturers offered employment, albeit, at slave wages.

The violence the drug cartels and the Mexican government have created is a bonus as it controls workers and displaces communities from territories of interest, that is, with valuable resources, to transnational corporate expansion. Corporatized conflict or disaster capitalism, where people are the collateral damage to keep capital moving through the feudal system.
"This notion of “security” calls up the Colombia model: paramilitarization in the service of capital. This model includes the formation of paramilitary death squads, the displacement of civilian populations, and an increase in violence. In the commercial sector, it is workers, small businesses and a sector of the local elite who are hit hardest by drug war policies.
Consider the links between the drug war and struggles around areas with natural resources:
• Residents of Ciudad Mier, a small community in Tamaulipas, left en masse because of paramilitary violence. The town sits on top of Mexico’s largest gas field, as does a large portion of the violence-ridden state.

• In the Juárez Valley, considered the most dangerous place in Mexico, killings and threats have forced many to leave, just as a new border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico is being constructed.

• In Santa Maria Ostula, a small Indigenous Nahuatl community in coastal Mexico, at least 28 people have been killed (and four others disappeared) by paramilitary and state violence since 2009. Their territory is in a mineral rich and strategically located area.

• In the Sierra Madre mountain range in northern Mexico, Canadian mining companies operate in areas where even government officials fear to enter because of the presence of armed narcotraffickers.

• In Petén, Guatemala, government officials militarized the area and declared a state of emergency because of the presence of Zetas that lasted eight months, ending in early 2012. Recent announcements indicate that a new oil rush is taking place in the same region.
 The "war on drugs" is not about drugs; rather, it's a smokescreen. It "may be better understood as being about increased social and territorial control over lands and people, in the interest of capitalist expansion."
“In this context, the current offensive follows the neo-liberal manual on indigenous territories. It is about sowing terror with a baseline of murders and disappearances until families abandon their lands…”--columnist and indigenous rights activist Gloria Munoz Ramirez

Cartel Kidnapping in Chihuahua Mexico
More Mexican drug cartel updates: 5/10/2012:

More than 50,000 people - mostly innocent - have been viciously tortured and slaughtered in brutal turf wars between drug cartels that really launched into high gear when Mexican President Calderon signed on to aid the US in "eradicating" the drug cartels in 2006. Not to mention, 1,700 forcibly disappeared people

Each year since, the cartels seem to become better armed and more sophisticated. It was determined that more than 70-90% of the confiscated guns in Mexico came from the US State Department (from Operation Fast and Furious/ Project 'Gunrunner' (Smuggling guns through U.S. federal channels to Mexican drug cartels); from war arms flow - Iraq, Afghanistan, etc - where massive numbers of military grade weapons are/were plundered from armories, not secured; cash for guns lucrative business).
"The embattled head of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has told congressional investigators that some Mexican drug cartel figures targeted by his agency in a gun-trafficking investigation were paid informants for the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration.
Yesterday, 15 chopped up bodies were discovered south of Guadalajara, in Jalisco state, and, just a few days prior to that, 23 murdered bodies, nine of them hanging from a city bridge, and 14 torsos in a vehicle - their heads later turned up in ice boxes outside the mayor's office were discovered near Nuevo Laredo, just across the border from the Texas city of Laredo.  It's only a matter of time before

As long as the fraudulent war on drugs continues, the prison industrial complex will continue to expand, violent death (full extent of carnage in US unknown as US govt doesn’t track violent crime linked to War On Drugs, which also means the spillover effect from Mexico’s bloody drug war is unknown), will increase and big banks will continue to make big bucks.
It appears Mexico, despite all of its problems, has been far more honest in assessing that toll within its own nation because it at least publicizes, even if it massages, the actual number of homicides linked to the drug war.
War on drugs = War for drug profits and drug markets.

Three years ago, there were seven cartels running Mexico. Today, that number has nearly doubled according to members of the Sonoran Desert Patrol, who track safeguard, and patrol the expanding activities of the Mexican Drug Cartels on the Arizona/Mexico border.

How the War on Drugs Creates Collateral Damage


More Mexican drug cartel updates: 1/18/2012

47,515 killed in the last 5 years alone from Mexican drug cartel violence, and they are expanding into U.S. cities at an alarming rate, yet, there is no alarm. Gosh, the Mexican drug cartels shot the White House, shattering one of its windows with an AK47, leaving a nice little note telling President Obama, “Aquí está uno de los nuestros, no la suya necesitan.” That is, “Here’s one of ours, we don’t need yours,” yet, all the alarm bells toll for "so-called" terrorists clear across the world.

US cities and towns with Mexican Drug Cartel presence



Sierra Vista

Fort Smith
Little Rock

Chula Vista
El Centro
Elk Grove
Garden Grove
Hacienda Heights
Los Angeles
San Bernardino
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Ana

Colorado Springs
Fort Collins


Fort Lauderdale



Idaho Falls
Twin Falls

East St. Louis

Fort Wayne

Des Moines

Kansas City


Baton Rouge
New Orleans




St. Cloud


Kansas City



Las Vegas

New Hampshire

New Jersey
Atlantic City

New Mexico
Las Cruces

New York
New York

North Carolina



Oklahoma City
Ponca City




Rhode Island

South Carolina
Myrtle Beach

South Dakota
Sioux Falls


Big Spring
Corpus Christi
Del Rio
Eagle Pass
El Paso
Fort Hancock
Fort Stockton
Fort Worth
Rio Grande City
San Antonio

Salt Lake City
St. George


Federal Way
Port Angeles


Rock Springs


Expert Says Beheadings in U.S. Look Like Work of Cartels
Three beheadings in two different states and they happened here in the United States, not Mexico.

Former DEA supervisor Phil Jordan says all three beheadings have cartel written all over them. They happened in Arizona and Oklahoma in the past year.

A murder mystery is now unraveling on a stretch of North Reservation Road in Tucson, Ariz. County workers found a headless man lying on the side of the road Jan. 6. The man's hands and feet were reportedly missing, too.

"It would lead me to believe the message wanted to be sent. This is one of the ways they do it in Mexico, Colombia and other places," says Jordan.

Jordan says the cartels are getting bolder in carrying out their beheadings across the border. He says we only used to see these crimes in Mexico.

"They don't have any borders," says Jordan.

More than 600 miles from the border, a 19-year-old human trafficking victim was found beheaded in Oklahoma. Carina Saunders was stuffed into a bag and left in a grocery store parking lot.

"People know if they get on the wrong side of the fence, they'll be dealt with," says Jordan.

The police chief in the area says two men running the trafficking ring killed Saunders to send a message to the other victims. Jordan says the cartels' calling card is all over this case. Trafficking and smuggling are their top moneymakers. Revenge is the price of doing business.

"Definitely a cartel hit," says Jordan.

Investigators in Chandler, Ariz., say cartel operatives came from Mexico to kill 38-year-old Martin Alejandro Cota Monroy. His beheaded body was found in his apartment.

"One is too many; two is too many. Three should send an alarm," says Jordan.

He says investigators were too late to stop the killings three times in the last 12 months. Jordan says agents are trying to develop more informants to get to the cartels before they can commit the crimes. He says the cartels will only specifically target their victims and aren't interested in random beheadings.
Mexican hit men stalk U.S.

Cartels use legitimate trade to launder money, U.S., Mexico say
Essentially, it boils down to drug cartels laundering money under NAFTA.

More Mexican drug cartel updates: 11/24/2011

As the Mexican Drug Cartels operate with relative impunity on both sides of the border, the level and scale of violence that has claimed anywhere from 40,000 to upwards of 53,000  lives continues to escalate. Yet, our federal government virtually ignores these non-terrorists, despite the fact that they're a stone's throw away.  

A little odd, don't you think?  Considering all of the agencies and drug laws created.  Not to mention the billions, if not trillions of dollars spent on their so-called "war on drugs"  and "war on terror". So, what's the deal?  Why ignore the drug trafficking and brutal terrorism that's taking place in our own backyard when these cartels have infiltrated nearly 300 cities across the U.S., according to The National Drug Intelligence Center?

Just today, as We the People gave thanks, the bound and gagged bodies of 26 bodies were found in the heart of Guadalajara, supposedly a sign that could mean full-scale war between the country's two main drug cartels, Sinaloa and the Zetas - who were part of an elite military group that US special forces trained in counter-narcotics to help us fight the "drug war" in Mexico in the 1990s. And wouldn't you know the Zetas are the most viscous of all of the drug cartels? Coincidence? I think not. Because not only did we train them to fight...we taught them how to evade capture.

At the time the video below was created, former President Bush was defunding border security as Mexican gangs move drugs, arms and people across a WIDE OPEN border. Here's the thing. Without the help of federal government, individuals, such as law enforcement and reporters are at the mercy of these cartels. They're given a choice: bullets for you and your family, or cold hard cash.

The “War on Drugs” started June 17, 1971. That’s more than 40 years ago. Hence, it's clear that this is not a war on drugs; rather, it's a war for drugs .


Mexican drug cartel tries to silence Internet

Mexican drug cartels recruiting Texas children

More Mexican drug cartel updates: 

"Follow the money", "Deep Throat" tells Woodward in the film, "All the President's Men", or as former British newspaper journalist, Simon Jenkins, once said, "Follow the dirt and it leads to money. Follow the money and it leads to power. This maxim has rarely let me down."

Well, follow the money on the "War on Drugs" and it will expose a frightening truth: the drug cartels depend on a network of guardian angels and backers who come from where else: the ruling elites.

Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing (HUD) under the Bush Administration, and CEO of Solari, told Mel Fabregas from the Veritas show in a great interview in 2009 that one 14-year old kid in the projects can generate up to $10 million for the capital markets. How? Here's the example she used:

Let's say this 14-year old from the projects nets $100,000 in drug sales. That money must be laundered somewhere, right? Yes. In this case, it's laundered through a fast food franchise that’s traded on the stock market at $15/share. That transforms the $100,000 to $1.5 million in stock market value. Moreover, if that money is leveraged with debt and derivatives that amount can increase up to as much as $10 million. In other words, one 14-year old kid from the projects can generate up to $10 million in the capital markets for the privileged class.

In addition, that kid, if he avoids being shot and killed in the next couple of years has the potential to make even more money for the capital markets. How?  More than likely, he will face incarceration, where he's not only out of the way, (after he gets too smart for his own good); he will generate even more money for the prison industrial complex. Why? There is a $25,000 gain for each person in prison.

So, recycling these kids in and out of prison serves three purposes: Number one, the profits speak for themselves; number two, it keeps this segment of the population “dumb” and desperate, and number three, it deprives small business of the upcoming work-force, or the human capital, necessary to thrive; therefore making it easier for corporate take-over.

Fitts also explained, and, even more importantly, proved we the people's complicity, which eventually became “Narco dollars for beginners” how organized crime influences business and government.

She addressed a group of members of the Spiritual Frontiers Foundation International, who were having a conference of how to help our society evolve spiritually, and she began by telling them that someone from the   Department of Justice told a reporter she knows that the US banking and financial system launders $500 billion to a trillion dollars a year in illegal money, which includes narcotics trafficking, financial fraud and tax evasion

She then asked the audience, "What would happen if America stopped being the global leader and stopped laundering $500 billion to a trillion dollars a year in illegal money?

They responded that the stock market would go down because that money would go to other markets around the world, and that we would have trouble financing the government deficit, and our taxes would go up and/or our government checks would stop.

Fitts replied, "Okay, imagine a big red button up here on the lectern. If you push this button, you can stop all hard narcotics trafficking in your neighborhood, your city, town, county, state and  your country tomorrow. Who'll push the button?"

Out of 100 people dedicated to evolving our society spiritually, only one would push the button.

She asked the other 99 why they wouldn’t push the button.

They responded: "We don't want our mutual funds to go down. We don't want our government checks to stop, nor do we want our taxes to go up."

Fitts has asked that question to audiences all over the US, and the only time 80% of the audience responded that they would push the red button occurred in TN, in 2008. Why is 80% majority so important? The historical rule of thumb states that in order to shift policy, an 80% consensus is required.

The severity revolution in criminal justice, that began when former President Nixon launched the war on drugs, that escalated during the Reagan yearsproducing some of the "most prohibitive drug control laws ever" has very little to do with "law and order" and everything to do with profit.  If you don't believe me, read the following:

We the people have spent well over $1 trillion  (much more if you consider the government spending for all of the people directly and indirectly effected), yet the availability of drugs is similar to what it was when Nixon started this "war on drugs", and Reagan took it to a new level. 

The conservatives, in their "tough on crime" law and order agenda, scapegoated Marijuana, making it their "symbol of the weakness and permissiveness of a liberal society."  They cultivated a culture of fear over growing crime and the evils of marijuana amongst other drugs which gave rise to  hundreds of new state, federal, and local laws, which, aside from creating a prison industrial complex, vastly expanded the government's power to seize and forfeit property. Because, during the 1980s, civil assets forfeiture was extended to drug trafficking and possession, and a host of other crimes, through the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, and the Drug Abuse Act of 1986, and many other such laws. In other words, the "war on drugs" enabled the Supreme Court to gradually erode  our civil liberties.  In fact,  Newt Gingrich even introduced "legislation demanding either a life sentence or the death penalty for anyone caught bringing more than two ounces of marijuana into the United States."*

Meanwhile, as our prisons are bursting at the seams with non-violent offenders, back at the ranch, America's biggest banks are riding shotgun for Mexican drug smugglers by giving "international cocaine cartels a virtual carte blanche to finance their operations".

No bank has been more closely connected with Mexican money laundering than Wachovia. 6,700 subpoenas later, Wachovia finally:
...admitted it didn’t do enough to spot illicit funds in handling $378.4 billion for Mexican-currency-exchange houses from 2004 to 2007. That’s the largest violation of the Bank Secrecy Act, an anti-money-laundering law, in U.S. history -- a sum equal to one-third of Mexico’s current gross domestic product.
However, despite the fact that Wachovia was caught red-handed in the largest anti-money laundering law in U.S. history, Wachovia (acquired by Wells Fargo in 2008) entered into a settlement with federal prosecutors. In other words, they got away with mass murder...literally.  This should come as no surprise as no U.S. bank has ever been indicted for violating the Bank Secrecy Act — or any other federal law for that matter.

So, as our "justice" system boldly roars at, imprisons, and sometimes slaughters non-violent citizens,  it conveniently turns a blind eye to those wealthy powerful elites who facilitate the heinous drug cartel killings and beheadings and burnings that, so far, claimed at least 28,000 lives, making Juárez valley, a Texas border town, one of the deadliest places on the planet.  Yet marijuana/drugs remain illegal. 

Marijuana, alone, is a $113 billion dollar business in the U.S. That's $113 billion unaccounted for...or is it?  Why would so much revenue, that is protected by brutal crime, specifically the  torturing, murdering and dismembering of countless numbers of innocent people, be allowed to remain in the hands of such violent criminals if conservatives are so concerned about law and order and fiscal responsibility and saving our economy from disaster? 

Could it be that governments and their drug prohibition policies are not intended to eliminate illegal drug use/commerce? Could it be that government officials, politicians, banksters and the corporate elite profit off the drug wars just as much, if not more than the evil cartels?

The more enforcement there is, the higher the street prices, whereas the less enforcement, the lower the prices. The "war on drugs" has nothing to do with eliminating drug use and everything to do with profit, "because most of the profits do NOT come from the sale of drugs but from the laundering of the billions of dollars by banks and other financial institutions to turn the dirty money into legal capital".**


Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal

* Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure by Dan Baum

** Telling the Whole Truth about the Drug War.

More Mexican drug cartel updates: 2/21/11:

Innocent victims of bloody drug cartel turf wars is normal every day news in Mexico. Spanning 72 hours, starting last Thursday, 53 people were killed in Ciudad Juarez
In the first 40 days of 2011, Juarez is averaging eight homicides per day, Sandoval said. Also, in February, at least 24 women have been killed in 20 days.
In addition, last Friday, 13 people were killed in Acapulco, four of whom, authorities believe, were alive and tortured before they were dropped from a bridge. The worst torture was of a man who was decapitated; scalped with his face skinned. This spate of attacks on taxis in the Mexican resort city of Acapulco occurred hours before the Mexican Open tennis tournament was scheduled to start. Acapulco has been the scene of , and taxi drivers have often been targeted for extortion or recruited by the gangs to act as lookouts or transport drugs.

On February 14, Gunmen killed 18 people in Tamaulipas, a state in northeastern Mexico,

Mexican cartel updates: December 2010
Only death would stop her from protesting the impunity with which criminals operate in Mexico
Two years ago, Marisela Escobedo's daugher was killed in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Her daughter's boyfriend confessed to the crime, but a court exonerated him earlier this year. When a second trial convicted the boyfriend, Sergio Barraza, of murder and sentenced him to 50 years in prison, he had already fled and gone into hiding.

Escobedo had actively protested the decision ever since, rather ominously stating that only death would stop her from protesting the impunity with which criminals operate in Mexico, and especially Chihuahua -- the home state of deadly Ciudad Juarez.

Now, Marisela Escobedo's protests have been silenced.

She was shot and killed by an assassin on Thursday, and the episode was caught on tape.

Mexico's drug war: Number of dead passes 30,000

...12,456 people had been registered killed in drug-related violence so far this year, compared to 9,600 in 2009, bringing the total to 30,196 since President Calderon took office in December 2006.

(Left) People clean a blood stained patio at a home in the northern city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Saturday Oct. 23, 2010. At least 13 young people were shot dead and 15 wounded in an attack on this house late Friday during a 15-year-old boy's birthday party. (AP Photo/Raymundo Ruiz)

The latest, in Mexico’s increasingly bloody drug war, are a series of massacres.  

Gunmen stormed a 15-year old's birthday party, last Saturday, October 23,  killing 13 people, the youngest, only 9-years old, wounding 20 more, in the second "drug cartel" massacre at a party this month, in Ciudad Juarez 2-days later, in Tijuana, 13 people were lined up and executed inside a drug rehabilitation clinic by gunmen who stormed the building. The next day, 15 people at a Mexican car wash.

Ciudad Juarez is crippled by escalating warring drug cartels, as they battle security forces and each other over smuggling routes into the United States.

The money trail has already lead to Citibank, Wachovia, Bank of America, etc. The banks play a critical role to the continuing success of the cartels as they allow the drug trade to flourish by providing essential financing.

Alternatively, the banks could serve as part of the solution - when hell freezes over, maybe, for only they have the power to  deal a crippling blow to the cartels.

The egregious hypocrisy prevalent in the current relationships between the cartels, the global political and economic powers who profit immensely from this huge industry, facilitated by the "War on Drugs" is almost too much to comprehend, but comprehend we must if we want the slaughter to stop.

The drug trade is amongst the most, if not thee most, lucrative of all industries in the world, and has continued to escalate through decades of  failing to account for this massive revenue.


Survivor: Drug gang massacred 72 migrants in northern Mexico

Confessions of a CIA Black Ops Assassin

Gene "Chip" Tatum, a former CIA Black Ops Assassin and OSG2 NWO insider, who was also involved in Iran-Contra  knew what would happen to him if he spoke out and showed his documents, but he did it anyway, and in 2007,  Chip’s tortured body washed up on a beach in Panama.
In the video (below),  Chip discusses his "involvement in Operation Red Rock, Task Force 160 and OSG2. Hear him reveal the names of high profile officials who were integrally involved in these CIA covert killing sprees and/or narco-trafficking, directly or indirectly: Oliver "Ollie" North, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. You’ll learn from an "insider" about outrageous U.S. government felony crime and corruption and the impending New World Order destruction of America. You’ll hear his amazing insight concerning the Nixon Administration and the dirty politics of the Vietnam War. This is the last interview prior to his sudden disappearance in 1998. 


Full interview:

Interview with Chip's wife:
Ted Gunderson interviews Nancy Tatum, the wife of Black Ops-Operative Chip Tatum. In this film you'll learn from Nancy how her and Chip were stalked, harassed, intimidated and eventually railroaded into Federal Prison for Chip's refusal to turn over secret documents to U.S. Intelligence Agencies because he knew that they "knew" he had first-hand knowledge of shadow government narco-trafficking into the United States by powerful, high profile officials. Chip knew that he would be murdered if he gave up his "evidence" to Oliver North at the behest of his handler, George H.W. Bush. This video exposes how absolutely corrupt the Federal so-called "justice" department and courts have become-to the point of aiding and abetting in the conspiracy and cover-up of U.S. government "spook" agency participation in narcotics trafficking into the U.S. She warns how anyone and everyone can be destroyed by the corrupt justice system. http://www.1-free-dvd.com free download of 'The Tatum Chronicles:' http://www.scribd.com/doc/1434148/The-Tatum-Chronicles free download of 'Nixon's Darkest Secret:' http://www.scribd.com/doc/520461/Nixons-Darkest-Secret free download of Tatum's C.I.P.A. Briefing: http://www.scribd.com/doc/504636/USA-vs-Chip-TatumCIPA-Briefing-Transcripts free download of Nexus magazine interview of Chip Tatum: http://www.scribd.com/doc/504761/The-Pegasus-Fileex-CIA-deep-cover-agent-Tatum-interviewed

Tatum wrote about his early career in the military, and his involvement in a highly sensitive and classified operation (later declassified by a federal judge in order to avoid all that was required under the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA) in an unpublished manuscript entitled "Operation Red Rock."

Tatum joined the Air Force in February 1970. He went through Army jump school; diving school; sea survival school;  escape and evasion; and jungle training; and was then assigned as a "Combat Controller".  From there he was assigned to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, and then on to Fort Bragg, North Carolina for training in C4 plastic explosives, mines, nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, plus indoctrination in electronic and psychological operations...

Tatum  posted to South East Asia as an Airman First Class (A1C) in December 1970.  There, he was assigned as a radio operator on a Forward Air Control (FAC) aircraft attached to Task Force Alpha at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. He was then  involuntarily recruited to Team Red Rock. The team was composed of eight US Army Green Berets, three US Navy SEALS and two CIA paramilitary specialists. The White House directly tasked Team Red Rock with "Operation Red Rock"

In January 1971 the team received a final briefing from General Alexander Haig along with the CIA, Saigon Chief William Colby.  Haig and Colby outlined the plan, stressing it's importance and extreme classification. President Nixon, desperate to end domestic riots over an increasingly unpopular war, sought to withdraw all US personnel from Southeast Asia.

The Secret War

During those years, Nixon was running a "secret war" in Cambodia and Laos. In Laos, Meo tribesmen along with covert US personnel employed by the CIA proprietary company, Air America, were battling against superior North Vietnamese ground forces. A similar thing was taking place in Cambodia. Nixon hoped he could fill the vacuum, caused by the withdrawal of US covert forces, with native Cambodian forces. Lon Nol, the Cambodian leader, wanted nothing to do with Nixon's suggestion.

The plan, drafted by top officials at the White House, called for Team Red Rock to secretly enter Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, and attack the airport, military and civil installations, and wreck as much havoc as possible. Team Red Rock parachuted into the outskirts of Phnom Penh carrying with them captured unarmed, and very much alive, NVA Sappers.  The Sappers were to be sacrificed and their bodies left to be discovered by Cambodian forces. The thinking was that Lon Nol would assume North Vietnam was to blame. With nowhere else to turn, the US puppet would urgently seek US hardware to strengthen his forces and continue the battle.

What the team did not know, was that they, too, were to be sacrificed, per former President Nixon, in order to ensure total secrecy. Paid Montagnard tribesmen were assigned to murder each member of the team and dispose of their bodies. The attack went successfully, but the teams suspicion of the tribesmen foiled the betrayal. Using "escape and evasion" tactics the team decided to trek to the Vietnamese border and back to safety with US forces.

Casualties dwindled down their numbers until only eight of them remained. Soon after, those remaining few were captured by NVA regulars and underwent torture at the hands of Chinese and Russian interrogators. In the end, only Tatum and one other team member survived. Tatum was later debriefed by CIA station chief, William Colby, and told he would, in future, be kept close to the "Agency". Recruited into the CIA "black" operations, life would change forever for Chip Tatum.

Some Assemblage of Normalcy

After two years in Yugoslavia, where Tatum was assigned the task of trying to ascertain the condition of the country's sick president, Josip Broz Tito, and who would replace the country's leader, former Director of CIA, William Colby, in 1977, advised Tatum to leave active service for government. He did. It was at this time that Tatum started a family and, his own business, a deli in Colorado. However, his government would soon disrupt his all to brief civil life to reactivate him, involuntarily, to the U.S. Army. The year was 1980.

"Nothing but Government Corruption"

He was sent to Fort Campbell Kentucky, where a special operations unit, Task Force 160, was being set up in response to the problems with Iran. With the exception of having been betrayed by President Nixon in his orders that his team should not return, Chip Tatum said, "I found no other involvement of the government in misdeeds. However, from the day I joined Task Force 160 at Fort Campbell Kentucky, until today, I've seen nothing but government corruption."

Contra Cocaine

In 1983, Colby established contact advising him he would shortly be contacted by "a man called North." This turned out to be Lt. Col. Oliver North - the central architect of America's Nicaraguan Contra campaign.

The "Contragate" years teem with well documented accounts of illicit wholesale gun running and dope smuggling. The expose series published in Autumn 1996 by the San Jose Mercury Post, entitled the "Dark Alliance," openly finger-points at the CIA and the Reagan administration for turning a blind-eye to massive Cocaine smuggling. Moreover, the series of articles claim that the explosion of "crack Cocaine" in Los Angeles resulted entirely from the Contra leaders-cum-dope peddlers who made vast personal fortunes from their activities. Today, the official argument remains that the Contra's were "freelancing" without the knowledge or consent of their CIA "handlers" or North's so called "Enterprise." Despite these assertions, mountains of hard evidence point in a different direction including an entry from North's own diary which shows his knowledge of Cocaine shipments.

In stark contrast to these denials, Tatum says North's "Enterprise" not only set-up the Cocaine factories, "ran" the Colombian cartels but were also responsible for master-minding the massive shipments of narcotics into the US. Significantly, he is not alone in making these accusations. A number of those involved in Col. North's operations have subsequently come forward and spilled the beans. Almost all of these "whistle-blowers" have been hounded and jailed. Some have died, whilst others have fled. The whole Contra thing, Tatum states, was also being used by an extremely covert group called Pegasus.

During February 1985, Tatum was piloting "Dustoff" (Medevac) flights for the US Army's 3/498th Medical Company, stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Two flight crews, including Tatum's, were transferred to Palmerola Air Base, Honduras. Each flight consisted of a Pilot, co-pilot, medic and crew chief. Once familiarized, they assumed the Medevac mission for Joint Task Force Bravo. In 1984, he had previously infiltrated the 3/498th on the instructions of Lt. Col. Oliver North - who had established contact under the code-name "Jake" (North had "control" of the 160th air wing and was also deeply involved with the tactical planning of "black ops" missions in the Grenada invasion).

On 15 February 1995, during a flight to La Cieba, Honduras, he was instructed to contact his local "handler" - Major Felix Rodriguez - later to prove a major figure in the Iran-Contra investigation. Rodriguez informed Tatum that in addition to his Army "Medevac" duties he was to support covert "Pegasus" missions. These, he was told, would take priority over his other duties. He was also given his "chain of command;" three individuals - any of whom could authorize Pegasus missions.

In addition to Oliver North and Felix Rodriguez, Tatum would, henceforward, take orders from Amiram Nir, a former Mossad agent and Advisor to Vice President Bush. Aviation support for Pegasus missions operated out of Ilopango airbase, Honduras (home of the CIA proprietary airline Corporate Air Services) plus numerous Contra camps located in the jungles and mountains along the Honduras/Nicaragua border3. A common feature of all future Pegasus missions was the transport "of large white coolers in and out of the Contra camps."

On 26 February 1985, Tatum and his crew were instructed to fly two individuals to one of the larger Contra camps on the Honduran border. His flight log lists the names of the two individuals as Bill Cooper and Buzz Sawyer - both of whom worked for Corporate Air Services. Following a meeting between the CIA agents and Contra leaders, Tatum was given a sealed cooler marked "Vaccine" weighing approximately 200 lbs and instructed to deliver it to a USAF C 130 transport plane at La Mesa airport, Honduras. Two crew members off-loading the cooler accidentally dropped it breaking the seal. Inside was over 100 bags of Cocaine. Tatum resealed the cooler and later watched as it was transferred aboard the C-130 outward bound for Panama.

On his return to Palmerola Air Base, Tatum phoned Col. North advising him of his discovery. North replied that it was "a trophy of war" and that the "Sandinistas are manufacturing Cocaine and selling it to fund the military." North closed the conversation by saying that "the Cocaine was bound for the world courts as evidence" against the Sandinistas.

The whole incident struck him as odd and strongly reminded him of earlier missions dating back to 1983-4 when he was stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, as a Special Operations Pilot. Regularly he would transship white coolers marked as "medical supplies" to Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. On two occasions he carried similar coolers to Mena airport, Arkansas. Deliveries of medical coolers to Mena were picked up by Dr. Dan Lasater - a close confidant of then Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton. Now almost two years later he decided to document his discovery to safeguard his "retirement." Thereafter, all Pegasus flights were documented on the reverse of his flight logs.

This was a difficult time for Tatum, since he had three balls to juggle at the same time. On the one hand he was flying classified active duty missions for the US Army, on the other he was flying CIA missions arranged through Mil Group A (CIA) - located at the embassy in Tegucigalpa - and thirdly he was flying Pegasus missions under the control of William Colby, Oliver North and George Bush following his recruitment into Pegasus by Colby in 1986.

Tatum completed numerous missions during his rotation to Honduras. Picking up and trans-shipping coolers containing Cocaine was a regular event. Extraordinarily, this included infiltrating Nicaraguan airspace (Tatum says it was not difficult to infiltrate any country and that Foreign Powers would kill to know how it is done) and landing at Bluefields Airbase with deliveries for placement aboard civilian C-123's and C-130's.4 This was followed by a brief stint to Columbia, where he had been assigned to assist the Drug Enforcement Agencies "war on drugs," only to discover the DEA were heavily engaged in narcotics trafficking.

Annihilation of Justice

Tatum's defense lawyer refused to call any of the 80 witnesses nominated by Tatum for the defense. According to former CIA pilot, Terry Reed, author of Compromised, Agency free rein to operate a secret training base near the tiny western Arkansas of Mena, and by looking the other way as Arkansas factories turned out untraceable weapons parts for the Nicaraguan Contra “freedom fighters,”

At the time of his disappearance,

Barry Seal was a criminal and out of control but he was set up, hung out to dry and assasinated by our Justice system.

Colby was under Congressional subpoena to testify

Sherman H. Skolnick - 1996

"Much of the opium profits from CIA involvement with drug traffickers in the Golden Triangle were laundered through the Nugan Hand Bank in Australia. A network of high-ranking U.S. military officers and intelligence officers had links to the Nugan-Hand Bank, which was charged by an Australian commission of investigation with narcotics trafficking, gun-running, money laundering, and massive fraud (Kwitny, 1987, New York Times, March 8, 1987). In his investigation of the Nugan- Hand Bank, Jonathan Kwitny charges that the bank laundered billions of dollars, helped finance the heroin trade in the Golden Triangle and engaged in tax fraud and theft (Kwitny, 1987: 76). Who were the officers of this 'heroin' bank? The president of Nugan-Hand was retired U.S. Admiral Earl F. Yates. Its legal counsel was former CIA director William Colby...."


Here is a link to the text and copies of the documents “The Tatum Chronicles including an order on White House stationary signed by George H.W. Bush to Chip to recover documents by whatever means necessary including death. He would not be held accountable.

An amazing documentary about the railroad deaths of two boys which leads a crusading mother to discover the largest cocaine drug ring in America.

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