Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Seven reasons not to fear the new SAT

Jay Mathews from the Washington Post explains why the new SAT is not to be feared.

But do they need to be afraid of it? I don't think so. It will have for the first time an essay question, requiring 25 minutes of fast thinking and writing, and there will be grammar questions and more critical reading sections and algebra II problems that were not on the test before. But as far as getting a good education and having a good life is concerned, the new test is not the make-or-break moment that many students think it is. Here are seven reasons why:


Alcuin Bramerton 23:53  

A traditional Norfolk koan may assist:

Lunch in Salisbury

A man with false teeth
Is eating a cheese soufflé for lunch in Salisbury.
He bites on something hard.
There is a second pair of false teeth in the cheese soufflé.

More may be encountered:

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