Thursday, October 20, 2005

Are we suffering from charity fatigue?

The media coverage of the Pakistan earthquake is minimal compared to the tsunami in December 2004, Hurricanes Katrina, and Rita last month. This is the worst disaster of all but there are not as many Americans involved as in the tsunami and of course the hurricanes, which happened in our own backyard. Americans, overwhelmingly generous following the Indian Ocean tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, may be immune to another disaster and the media is not showing us the devastation as it did with the previous disasters.

The deathtoll is 79,000 as of now. Three million people in Pakistan have been left homeless. Still about 120,000 kids in Pakistan have yet to be reached by relief workers. Relief agencies need up to 45,000 more winterized tents, 2 million blankets and sleeping bags, water, sanitation equipment and food supplies, he said.

Only 8 percent has been pledged of the amount relief workers project will be needed.


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