Sunday, October 30, 2005

Numbers don't lie

What about these numbers does not make sense?

*ConocoPhillips up 89%

*ExxonMobile up 75%

*Royal Dutch Shell PLC up 67%

*BP up 34%

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Meanwhile back at the ranch plans are in the works to cut as much as $50 billion from the 2006 budget for health care for the poor, food stamps and farm supports, as well as considering across-the-board cuts in other programs including $4 billion from the Medicaid/Medicare alone. This would not be necessary if they would eliminate the appropriation of government funds to the rich that they authorized four years ago, or cut a few of the billions of dollars in corporate welfare they approved, However, these solutions are not possible because the line between government and corporation is barely visible at this point.

"After several meetings, Hastert emerged from a closed Republican session the night of Oct. 6 to announce that he had gotten the message. Cuts to entitlement programs such as Medicaid, food stamps and farm supports would be raised from $35 billion to $50 billion in the massive budget bill that will be compiled in November. Republicans would push an additional across-the-board spending cut for 2006 and would try to trim programs already funded."

"Congressional committees have proposed substantial cutbacks in Medicaid and Medicare, the nation's largest health insurance programs, which together cover more than one-fourth of all Americans."


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