Friday, January 27, 2006

Keep the Internet Accessible to All

Currently, for the most part, we have network neutrality regarding the Internet, but Congress is rewriting the 1996 Telecom Act this year and we want to make sure our current protection against providers' blocking or slowing content access remains. Network neutrality means the Internet should be an open platform where people can access, search, or download any content, services, or applications of their choice and use devices of their choosing. Internet watchdogs such as Free Press, Consumer's Union and The Consumer Federation of America are saying that large media corporations such as Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon are trying to limit access within the pipelines they control. In other words, they want control over what is available on cable or other high-speed connections they provide.

Our future is the Internet and the problem with ignoring this, instead of the Internet being open, these companies will get to discriminate who gets online, who gets to use their services and at what speed. Gatekeepers (large corporations) will stifle innovations because they will control flow of information to benefit their bottom line.

These large corporations are trying to implement practices that work against the concept of network neutrality; the big companies want to control those choices so that we are limited to those services that they alone provide and would profit.


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