Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Are We Globalization's Loser?

Before fiber optic cable, when the world was not quite so interconnected, there was little doubt that the USA is and would remain the world’s super power indefinitely. Fiber optic cable has made it possible to transmit words, images, data, audio and video across the world in the blink of an eye, making it possible for the rest of the world to compete with us and they are very hungry for what we have become complacent about.

I believe this is a good thing because as in the free market, competition drives improvements in quality and cost and innovation. Either we can invigorate our youth by revamping our educational system to prepare them to compete in this new world or we can continue to sit on our collective ass and watch other countries innovate their way to super power status.


Anonymous,  05:07  

Well said

Anonymous,  05:07  

Well said

Anonymous,  10:16  

Spare me the hypercapitalist bilge.

Half you country will always be composed of Regular Joe's of average intgelligence doing repetitive jobs. Thanks to globalization there are billions of Regular Chan's and Prakesh's in the global laborforce doing the exact same kind of repetitive jobs but for a lot less.

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