Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why do Racists Have Low IQs?

Students and Youth Against Racism have clearly demonstrated the relationship that exists between low IQ and having racist tendencies.

Studies going back over 50 years have repeatedly arrived at the same conclusion -- racists have lower IQs than non-racists. The average intelligence quotient (IQ) of all members of the human race is 100 on the Stanford-Binet scale, as illustrated in the bell curves in the figure below.
The average IQ of racists is up to 4 IQ points less than this (Montagu 1952 & 1988, Allport 1946, Frenkel-Brunswick and Sanford 1945). The reasons this is true are not entirely clear. Does racism attract the unintelligent or do the unintelligent default into racist mentalities? An exploration of this phenomenon can be most informative.

Since the average IQ of a racist is less than the average, racists have two-digit IQs, while normal people have three-digit IQs, on the average. This applies to Nazi skinheads, American Nazis, the oxymoronic Aryan supremacists, Christian Identity fanatics, anti-semites, non-denominational bigots, and other such social rejects. The figure above is based on a standard deviation of 10, and is normalized for matching populations.

Many studies have explored the psychology of racism and the familial and social backgrounds of racists. Some interesting generalities can be extracted from these studies, including the fact that racists tend to be conservatives, conformists, Republicans, and hypochondriacs. The high incidence of conservatism, conformism, and Republicanism are all related phenomena. That is, one would expect a conformist to be a conservative, and a conservative to be a Republican, and a Republican to be a conformist, etc. But, why would they tend to be hypochondriacs? Perhaps they blame their body parts for imaginary illnesses in the same way they blame parts of society for imaginary social illnesses.

The arguments of racism have been demonstrated time and again to be illogical and irrational. For example, racists claim that so-called white people are "superior" to so-called black people. Ignoring for the moment the inability of science to draw a sharp line between those who are subjectively considered to be white and those who are subjectively considered to be black, lets consider the claims of superiority by racist supremacists.

As we look around us in America today we see a country full of diversity in which American blacks and other citizens of non-European descent excel in all the arts and sciences, in all aspects of business, in all political arenas, and in all athletics and other social activities. From our military commanders, to our religious and political leaders, to our star athletes both Olympic and professional, to our fastest-growing independent businesses, and in all genres of the entertainments fields -- art, music, acting, directing, film-making, etc. -- we witness a growing disproportionate dominance of non-whites, and this in spite of centuries of oppression and the continued denial of equal opportunities. Their successes are undeniable and ubiquitous, and yet the racists of our times act as if they are completely blind to this manifest proof that superiority of whites is a dying mirage.

Figure 2 shows how prejudice tends to be a function of parents' college education. Obviously the more educated the parents are, the less likely their children are to become prejudiced. Again we see a correlation of both intelligence and education with normality, while the lack of education and intelligence is associated with bigotry.

Figure 1 shows the percentage of each gender that tends towards racism, based on a study by Allport and Kramer in 1946. This chart is unlikely to surprise anyone for a number of reasons. First, women are, in general, more sociable and not inclined to be aggressive. Males, on the other hand, tend to seek outlets for aggression, and racism is a convenient one. Males, furthermore, have a higher incidence of idiocy and mental deficiency than do females. That is, females tend to be more normal than males and are less inclined to both mental extremes and behavioral extremes.

Racists wear horse's blinders at the sight of the media heroes of our age -- Muhammed Ali, Martin Luther King, Michael Jordan, Condoleeza Rice, the Williams sisters, Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, Colin Powell, Janet and LaToya Jackson, Sidney Poiter and Samuel Jackson, Sammy Sosa, Michael Johnson, the list goes on endlessly. They are deaf to the sound of world records regularly being shattered. They are dumb in their speech when asked to explain such obvious contradictions. Are racists deaf, dumb, and blind, or are they simply of such limited intelligence that they cannot recognize the truth when it is placed in bright lights before them?

Figure 3 shows the variation of prejudice as measured among the college students of different majors in 1946. Obviously the Natural Sciences seem to protect against the false beliefs of racism better than the Liberal Arts. Why this should be is unclear, and may have more to do with the type of students who are attracted to Natural Science, which is considered a more challenging major.

Let's consider some examples of what passes for intelligence in the sub-society of what is truly an oxymoron, Aryan supremacy. Even the word "Aryan" is itself a mockery of the truth. The Aryan race doesn't exist, and has never existed. It is a myth invented by the Nazis to promote politically expedient propaganda. Hitler himself admitted that he knew there never were any Aryans, and that the notion merely served Nazi purposes, no more. All Aryan supremacists stand naked in the light of truth, but are unable to comprehend the fact that they have no clothes. Is it due to mentally deficiency, or are they really aware of this false myth? It's hard to say for sure, but their limited intelligence is certainly a factor in their confusion.

Figure 4 illustrates the fact that prejudice is acquired at a young age. The mean age for the onset of prejudice is about 12. This is a most impressionable age and is the appropriate time to educate the young and immunize them against hatred for life. They should be told everything science knows about race and everything history tells us about racism.

In America's war against terrorism, we should not forget about the domestic terrorists that have sprouted in our own backyard. Nazis, skinheads, and other bigots are anti-American by their very nature. If America is a nation of all races, religions, and cultures, then the enemies of any of those races, religions, and cultures are enemies of America. The attempts on the part of Nazi skinheads and the KKK to intimidate or encourage acts of violence against innocent people because of their race or creed is terrorism by definition. Once al Qaeda has been shut down, it would be prudent to focus America's attention on cleaning up all the nests of racist extremists that are festering inside our own borders. They are all just terrorists waiting to commit an act against Americans.

Some of the more radical anti-racist groups say that the only way to change a racist's mind is with a shotgun blast to the head. We at SAYAR disagree that violence is a proper response to what is essentially a mental disease. We believe that education is the key to erasing racism, and that this could be accomplished within the space of a single generation if we simply show children the light of truth, and dispel the darkness of ignorance.


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