Sunday, February 04, 2007

We are Sacrificing "Peace of Mind"?

Bush is going to ask for a quarter trillion to support the Iraq war yet is strongly opposed to raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans. He would rather cut funding to programs set up to help the least wealthy Americans.

The only Americans sacrificing for this war are men and women serving in the voluntary military, many of whom give up life and limb serving our country, while the rest of us are sheltered from the effects of this war by a President who “worries” about our “peace of mind.”

Jim Lehrer (PBS Newshour) asked, “why hasn’t he called on Americans to sacrifice something to help our country in this time of war.”

Bush replied, “They sacrifice peace of mind when they see the terrible image of violence on TV every night. I mean, we’ve got a fantastic economy here in the United States, but yet, when you think about the psychology of the country, it is somewhat down because of this war.”


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