Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Two-handed Complex Gesturing Indicates Complex Thinking?

 Gesturing can free up cognitive effort for the task at hand, therefore numerous gestures may help a person to think more clearly.

Supposedly, engaging both hands above the waist is an example of a complex hand gesturing that reflects complex thinking and gives the listener confidence in the speaker. You will notice many politicians gesturing as in the photos I've posted.

Analysis on Bush vs Gore's repertoire of gesturing examined how their gesturing differed qualitatively and quantitatively. This analysis concluded that Bush, while gesturing more, had little variation in his gesture repertoire, and overall made similar, often tense, flat gestures regardless of the type of verbal expressions they accompanied, whereas Gore, by contrast, had a variety of gesture types...this variety in gesture forms could reflect a range of different kinds of thinking, and possibly be connected to Gore’s more complex discourse structure and I would think thinking process.

Research on gesture has proven useful in studying reasoning processes that are not revealed verbally. In addition, it may be able to tell us how in individual is thinking and reasoning while speaking.

Body-language experts often train the people who make the decisions regarding who is hired in companies that two-handed gesturing is something to look for when interviewing a potential employee... a good thing to keep in mind if you have any interviews coming up.


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