Tuesday, July 17, 2007

At Home With Hitler

This blogger's father-in-law had kept a copy of Home and Gardens from 1938 for personal reasons. The blogger scanned in the article, At Home with Hitler and was told to take it down by Home and Gardens Magazine for copyright reasons.

The Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies insisted they release this article to the internet.

As educators who have taught about the Holocaust, we are deeply disappointed that Homes & Gardens has pressured a British web site to delete a 1938 Homes and Gardens article that portrayed Adolf Hitler in highly sympathetic terms.

A crucial part of Holocaust education involves studying the failure of the Western media to fully and accurately report about the Nazi menace in the 1930s. The attempted suppression 65 years later of articles such as the 1938 feature in Homes and Gardens undermines efforts to teach about the Holocaust and its lessons.

Just as various governments, corporations, and institutions have acknowledged their role in the Holocaust process by publicly apologizing, paying reparations, or taking other appropriate steps to face up to their past, so too should Homes and Gardens squarely face up to its past. We urge Homes and Gardens to make the full 1938 article available at no cost to interested readers, together with a formal letter of apology from the publisher.


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