Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Executive Customer Service

I would assume most people over a certain age have accumulated their fair share of "customer service" stories from hell. I know I dread calling any company's customer service department when I have a problem with their product. My expectation is that I will have to call back at least a few more times before I get the service I'm entitled.

I highly recommend what the blog, The Consumerist suggests, and that is go straight to the top and forget about the torturous process of low-level customer service.

• For public companies, put the stock ticker symbol in Google Finance and pull up the profile page. The corporate office should be listed under Company Facts.
• Call the corporate office.
• Ask for a transfer to the office of the CEO.
• You will likely get an exec. assistant but that's good. Voice mail is ok, too.
• Give succinct summary, including identifying details like order numbers and confirmation numbers.
• Remain nice.


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