Sunday, July 01, 2007

What About GOOGLE?

Help Wired rank and shame corporate privacy villans.

Who do you think is the biggest Privacy Villan? Let Wired know.

So far people have nominated:

Apple Quicktime + Itunes - according to this article, from the International Business Times, iTunes embeds customer's account information in each track purchased.

Acxiom Corporation -a company known among privacy advocates for its massive collection and sale of consumer data, claim they are, "a global leader in helping large companies and government agencies manage the information they have about individuals . . . by offering innovative marketing and reference services and technologies, along with various information products."

Real Player - you can see what people have to say about Real Player at the link I provided.

Microsoft - nominated, but I think they're trying at least as you can read about at the link I posted.

What about Google?


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