Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bottled Water is More Wasteful Than You Think.

I am totally guilty of contributing to the enormous profits bottled water companies make and the carbon footprint they leave behind, but no more. It is utterly ridiculous to spend the kind of money we spend on bottled water when the same water comes out of our tap for the most part.

The economics of the bottled water industry in America are astounding, and there is little to suggest that the "just say no" pleadings of Mr Bloomberg or anyone else will have any impact. In 2006, wholesale revenue for the purveyors of bottled water, including beverage giants Pepsi and Coca-Cola, topped $11bn (£5.4bn). That's more than Americans pay to go to the movies every year. And the industry is set to grow at the rate of about 10 per cent annually.

One exception is Fiji water; the water they bottle does come from the remote island of Fiji, but here is still a higher price to be paid that goes beyond the price on the bottle when purchasing Fiji water, the carbon footprint.

First the bottles have to be shipped there. They are filled, trucked to port and then brought by ship across the Pacific before distribution across the US. The best way to expand your carbon footprint? Drink Fiji.


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