Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gingerbread Men Do Get Caught.

I admit I used to be one because after all, we live in the United States of America. We have "nothing to fear but fear itself" except of course those residing in the "axis of evil". We are not the "bad guys" so why should we pay attention?

That is, until you become one of the "bad guys" for being at the "wrong" place at the "wrong" time; having the "wrong" look; having the "wrong" kind of name; reading or purchasing the "wrong" kind of book; Googling the "wrong" words; sending the "wrong" email to the "wrong" country or "wrong" person and on and on...

President Bush makes changes all the time, little by little, right under our very eyes.

"While I appreciate the leadership it took to pass this bill, we must remember that our work is not done...This bill is a temporary, narrowly focused statute to deal with the most immediate shortcomings in the law." -- President Bush prior to Congress reconvening in September to vote on the changes to FISA.

The President tries to use complicated language to describe how he would focus on further immunizing private companies that cooperate with government wiretapping.

"When Congress returns in September the Intelligence committees and leaders in both parties will need to complete work on the comprehensive reforms requested by Director McConnell, including the important issue of providing meaningful liability protection to those who are alleged to have assisted our Nation following the attacks of September 11, 2001," -- President Bush

If Americans took the time to decipher what government officials say, most of us would be outraged; however, the language many politicians use is unnecessarily complex or far too simple depending on what the person mis- communicating decides is the best way to make it look as if he's trying to convey his message to the public. We trust those in power to protect us from the "bad guys" as willingly as the gingerbread man trusted the fox to protect him from his "enemies".


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