Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's OK to Hate Gay People?

It should come as no surprise that Mr. Bush and the Republican Party think it's OK to hate this group of Americans. Mr. Bush and friends are making sure "gay-bashing" remain alive and well in this here country.

Hate crime legislation exists to protect marginalized Americans from violence because members of minority groups are more likely to be targeted for this type of crime. But when our own government has no qualms about "bashing" this group (LGBT) of Americans, especially when Bush, Cheney and Rove want to focus our attention elsewhere, there is little to no chance that they will support a bill that condemns their strategy for success.

There is no question that people in the LGBT community have always been a target of hate crime and continue to be an "acceptable" scapegoat of haters today; this group, in particular, need the extra protection this law provides.

"Hate crimes" affect a group or community of people rather than an individual, therefore having greater impact than a crime committed against an one person. The victim of a hate crime acts as a symbol of the community that person represents and sends a clear message that any person associated with that group could be next. It's an act of terrorism and we know how strongly the President feels about terrorism, so why does the President object to legislation that will aid in curtailing terrorism against this group of Americans? Maybe because "gay bashing" is what enabled this administration to "accomplish" all that they have "accomplished".

"A White House spokesman has reiterated that President Bush will veto Congressional efforts to extend federal hate crimes legislation to cover gender identity and sexual orientation."


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