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Forbes Global 2000 (03.29.2007)

This ebook has information on the world’s two thousand largest public companies, based on a composite ranking for sales, profits, assets and market value.

Best Places to do Business in America: Big Cities (04.05.2007)

Raleigh North Carolina came out first in this year's rankings, but where does your city stand in our tabulation? Keep our scorecard on the 200 big U.S. metro areas at your fingertips with this free PDA download. And if you are interested in smaller cities, be sure to download our companion e-book listed directly below.

Best Places to do Business in America: Small Cities (04.05.2007)

With this ranking of 179 small cities you can quickly find out that two states, South Dakota and North Dakota, each had two cities ranked among the top ten small cities in the U.S. This easy-to-use handheld file is searchable by metro area, state or overall rank.

200 Best Small Companies in America (10.12.2006)

Use this handy reference to quickly get information on the 200 Best Small Companies in America, 2006 edition. Locate companies by name, rank on the list, industry or state; then click on the company name for address, business description, financial data and growth rates.

Largest Private Companies (11.09.2006)

This ebook has information on U.S. private corporations with $1 billion or more in revenues. Locate companies by rank, name, industry or state.

Forbes 400 (9.20.2007)

View the 2007 compilation of the Richest People in America on your handheld computer. The PDA version of this list can be searched by name, peer groups, state of residence, age group and industry. This free download shows estimated wealth, rank on list, a biography and more for all Forbes 400 members.

Fastest-Growing Tech Companies (01.25.2007)

The 25 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in the U.S. all have a 5-year revenue growth rate of at least 10% (annualized), a minimum of $25 million in revenues, a sales growth rate of 10% or better over the last twelve months and are currently profitable. More than 25 companies passed all our initial screens; we used other objective and subjective tools to narrow the group down to the 25 exceptional companies listed in this e-book. For more information go to

The Midas List (01.25.2007)

This ebook has ranks, profiles and other information on America's 100 biggest venture capitalists in technology and life sciences, including top-ranked Michael Moritz, of Sequoia Capital, the company behind Google, Yahoo and PayPal. Recent coup: the sale of Atom Entertainment, an online film and game group, to Viacom for $200 million.

Sports Valuations (All-Pro) (09.13.2007)

Forbes has combined its latest team valuations for America's four biggest professional teams sports-baseball, football, basketball and hockey-into one convenient ebook.

Sports Valuations (NFL) (09.13.2007)

The 32 teams in the National Football League range in value from $782 million to $1.5 billion. This ebook has updated valuations, plus revenue and operating income figures on every NFL team.

Sports Valuations (MLB) (04.19.2007)

Major League Baseball posted a record $496 million in operating income last year, but thanks to the league's revenue-sharing system, some of the most valuable franchise were not the most profitable. Use this handy ebook to find out the value and profitability of your favorite team.

Sports Valuations (NBA) (1.25.2007)

At $592 million, Forbes thinks that the New York Knicks are the most valuable franchise in the National Basketball Association. What would it cost to buy all 30 NBA teams? We currently value the group at $10.6 billion versus $9.8 billion a year ago. Use this handy e-book to find out what your favorite NBA team is worth.

Sports Valuations (NHL) (11.09.2006)

Are hockey team owners as poor as they say? Here's an inside look at how they use the economics of hockey to make money off the ice even when their team loses money and the entire 2004-2005 hockey season is in doubt.


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