Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bush Strategist Speaks Out.

Matthew Dowd, a 46-year old political strategist, and one-time Democrat who helped put Bush in office is now expressing his disillusionment with President Bush. He questions the federal government's role in same-sex marriage; he questions Bush's decision to tell Americans to go shopping and get back on airplanes instead of asking for sacrifice, and ultimately he questions the Iraq war itself.

His disenchantment with the president built over several years. Dowd went public at a Berkeley seminar on the 2006 California governor's race; Dowd was both a senior advisor to the Republican National Committee, where he landed after Bush took office, and a top strategist for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's reelection effort. It was a question about the president that set Dowd off and, looking back, liberated him.

"Do you lose sleep at night knowing that you gave this country probably the worst administration we've ever had?" asked a young man. "I mean, have you thought about maybe trying to save your soul by calling for impeachment?"

Dowd tensed and leaned forward. Rather than defend Bush, he spoke of the oldest of his three sons, an Army language specialist then facing deployment to Iraq. "Now, am I a person who stays up at night thinking about that? Yeah. . . . Do we have hopes and dreams and disappointments? . . . Yes," Dowd said.


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