Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Connecting the Dots is Crucial to Our Survival

Joe Biden, presidential candidate and current chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in a recent interview with Salon, spelled out why he calls himself the "odd man out"...because as he says he has the ability to "connect the dots".

He's right. More than ever we need a President who is an expert in foreign policy who has the ability to assemble the pieces, synthesize the information, and integrate the facts into a conceptual other words, see the big picture. We're living in an age of specialization, which can be tremendously useful, and a great advantage as long as we continue to make the connections between the vastly different distinctions, all the while keeping things in proper perspective.

“Reason is understanding the connection between the general and the particular” -- Immanuel Kant

Ironically, Joe Biden's vote for the bankruptcy bill -- the bill I absolutely despise -- clarified my decision as to who I believe should replace Bush.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden resides in one of the only states in the country where there is no cap on interest rates credit card companies can offer, hence the reason every single credit card issuer incorporates in the state of Delaware, making it almost impossible to totally ignore their greedy demands. This puts Mr. Biden at a clear disadvantage if he decides to take on that industry.

As we all know, decisions are not always as clear cut as they appear. One must give priority to certain factors over others, weighing the pros and cons of each one and then incorporate what they've discovered to make a final decision that will hopefully support their overall agenda or goal.

Mindful of Mr. Biden's long history as a Senator including he was the youngest man elected to the Senate in history while at the same time having to overcome the tragedy of losing his wife and daughter in a car accident while raising two young sons, that he was listed as the "poorest" Senator in the Senate, that he drives an economical car, he commutes to Washington DC by train every day and overall has proven himself to be a man of integrity I came to the conclusion his decision may have been made taking the following into consideration.

He knew voting against the bill would make no difference to the outcome; he was pretty sure he would enter the 2008 Presidential race; he knew that foreign affairs is a critical issue to our future; and he knew his expertise in this area is far superior to all of the other candidates. Voting against the bill may have accomplished nothing more than to kill his political career at a time when his knowledge and leadership is invaluable to America.

Joe Biden's response voting for the bankruptcy bill:

"At the outset, I refused to support bankruptcy reform until fundamental changes were made. I fought to establish a "safe harbor" for those below their state's median income. I also insisted on a provision requiring lenders to post a clear warning about the dangers of making minimum monthly payments, one of the worst debt traps for consumers.

This bill establishes unprecedented protections for child support and alimony, making bankruptcy part of the enforcement system for women and children, who now will be at the head of the line, in front of every other creditor. Is this bill perfect? No. But over several congresses it has earned the kind of bipartisan consensus only balanced legislation can achieve."

We can no longer depend on our advantageous geographical location to protect us. As our world shrinks more and more each day, it is crucial to the survival of our country, perhaps the world, that our next President has the ability to as Joe Biden says, "connect the dots".

No candidate is perfect but there is no question Joe Biden has the integrity, strength, wisdom, experience and resolve needed to put this country back together.


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