Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sam Walton Must Have Unearthed Himself by Now

If Sam Walton is not spinning in his grave right about now then people don't "turn over in graves". Yet, we all know so many of our dearly departed who "turn over" on a regular basis after "seeing" who and what they've left behind to carry on their name. Sam Walton must convulse having to watch the soulless, heartless brain-dead who have assembled to run what he worked so hard to create.

Is this monstrosity, Wal*Mart, the same Wal*Mart Mr. Walton envisioned? I sincerely doubt it, however, let's assume the corporation we call Wal*Mart today was once the abstraction Sam dreamed would become concrete reality. From all appearances, Mr. Walton has a kind face and eyes, and recorded history seems to back that up. Nevertheless, looks can be deceiving, as proven by so many people who have participated in evil acts masked behind a veneer of sweetness and light.

If Mr. Walton, clever enough to thoroughly convince America of his genuineness, could create such a successful entity as Wal*Mart, he most certainly would not allow the name of his company to engage in the cruel mistreatment of an employee who has already has suffered tremendous misfortune, including the loss of her son who died a patriot.
Even if Mr. Walton had no compassion in his heart - which I sincerely doubt - there is no way he lacked the brains, as do the people who run Wal*Mart now, to go after $470,000 in medical expenses from an employee who is now confined to a nursing home; whose husband must work two jobs to support her; whose son died serving our country and she must relive her son's death every day due to loss of short-term memory; who has lived and who is living what most of us couldn't imagine in our worst nightmare.

$470,000 is pocket change considering Wal*Mart supposedly makes over $20,000 (from 2005) per minute in profit around the clock, every day of the week, 52 weeks a year, for a total of $11.2 billion dollars ranking number one as Fortune 500's largest corporation.

What kind of idiot would risk the negative publicity this kind of story can generate over less than 25 minutes of profit? Wal*Mart must have spent much more than that just to create this horror story.

We'll never know, however, I believe, not only would Sam Walton not allow his company to bully an employee who has met with such tragic circumstances, he might even go as far as to provide the funds to take care of her for life, relieving this woman's husband, a modern day Job or maybe I'm getting carried away. He's not Oprah, after all.


Anonymous,  13:19  

FYI, The Walton apples did not fall far from the Walton tree.

Anonymous,  04:14  

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