Monday, August 18, 2008

Please Deprive Us Mr. McCain.

Mr. McCain, reportedly not in the "code of silence" as previously thought, thus prepared for Rev. Rick Warren's questions, when appearing on his forum Saturday night, should have come up with better answers.

In particular, when Mr. McCain was asked how he defines "rich". He was reluctant to answer at first, saying instead, that some of the richest people he knows "are the most unhappy."

What's he trying to say? The less "rich" we are the better off we are. Is he trying to sugarcoat what's to come? Sounds somewhat ominous to me...

"It should come as no surprise that John McCain believes the cutoff for the rich begins at $5 million. It may explain why his tax plan gives a $600,000 tax cut to the richest 0.1 percent of earners but completely leaves out 101 million hardworking American families," Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.
Apparently, Mr. McCain does not understand that hard WORKING American families are not only far from "rich", that they are doing without essentials such as childcare, health insurance, nutritious food, transportation etc. telling us we're better off without these essential items? Does struggling to thrive or survive build character? Does struggling to thrive or survive make people realize what's really important? Sure it does! But what does that have to do with the price of milk, oil and the like?

Could it be that Mr. McCain's response to what he considers "rich" -- 'Some of the richest people he knows are the most unhappy' -- could be translated as it only seems like we're the fortunate ones.. So, while more than half the population is learning what's really "important", the microcosm of wealth -- the richest 0.1 percent of earners -- he and his family associate with, will "suffer" the deprivation of this "valuable" lesson of priority and the building of character. Is that what he's trying to say? Well, if that's the case, please deprive the rest of us, as well!

When such a large percentage of the population go without what's already been established as necessary to thrive, it becomes easier and easier to imagine the transformation of the United States from the highest form of civilization into something more in line with a much lower form.

This is more like it.:
On the other hand, he said, someone with $150,000 in annual income can be considered middle-class or even poor, depending on where they live, and should receive a tax cut.-- Barak Obama
Let's face it. McCain just doesn't understand economics enough to elect him President of the largest economy on earth. This is not a third world country...yet.


sick of idiots,  12:08  

I can't understand how supposedly "smart" people delude themselves so easily. They play right into the hands of our elitist government in power when the writing on the wall is clear.

$520 Loafers 11:06  

Not that his $520 loafers make him an elitist but when combined with the economic policy he puts forth, those loafers speak volumes.

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