Monday, August 09, 2010

Is Google Worse than the Banksters?

Don't be evil?  Really?

How is making a deal with the devil itself, (Verizon) to take over the Internet so they can get special privileges on Verizon's network considered not evil?

How is drastically tilting the playing field so far toward yourself - prioritizing Google's traffic, giving them an advantage over any other content online - that no one else  has a chance to succeed, not evil?

How is stripping the FCC of its powers to act as a watchdog for consumers and regulate violations of network neutrality not evil?

How is helping Verizon protect its ability to profit over the control of its pipes (advanced network services) not evil?

How is threatening to close the Internet off - for all practical purposes - to future innovators and creators not evil?

So, Google's pledge not to be evil didn't last long, if it ever began. Gee, what a surprise. As if they haven't advanced their own interests enough already. Let's see... expanding and taking over every market that is not 100% nailed down; threatening the livelihood of people and small businesses as they take and provide all their creative content for free;  exposing people's private information, etc.  Now, of course, all the while, Google continues to profit immensely by establishing themselves as the gatekeepers of the greatest amount of information ever collected in the history of the world.

Yep. Google is acting just like the banksters. In fact, Google is worse than the banksters.  Google promised to do no harm. Yet here they are, helping to set up an infrastructure that will devastate competition at a time when the unemployment rate is higher than it's been in 70 years. 

Isn't it time we put the corporate behemoths in their place? Isn't it time to guarantee an open Internet from this day forward? And finally, isn't it time to put the interests of we, the people ahead of the interests of big money and the corporate elite?

“Google and Verizon can try all they want to disguise this deal as a reasonable path forward, but the simple fact is this framework, if embraced by Congress and the Federal Communications Commission, would transform the free and open Internet into a closed platform like cable television. This is much worse than a business arrangement between two companies. It’s a signed-sealed-and-delivered policy framework with giant loopholes that blesses the carving up of the Internet for a few deep-pocketed Internet companies and carriers.” -- Joel Kelsey, political advisor for media watchdog Free Press
Click here to take action. Tell the FCC they work for you, not AT&T and Verizon.
The Google-Verizon deal will kill the open Internet as we know it.

Google: Don't Be Evil from Official Channel on Vimeo.


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