Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Secret Well-Endowed Right.

Josh Reeves' The Secret Right Volume 1:

We hear about Trilateral Commission, Council for Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, but we hear very little about the ultra-conservative, secret, right-winged group, Council for National Policy, who has ties to the American Eugenics Movement.  This fact conflicts directly with the pro-life stance almost all the members, some of whom are listed below, claim so passionately:

Tim LaHaye who started it.
Nelson Bunker Hunt who initially financed it
Richard Melon Scaife
George W. Bush
John McCain
Sarah Palin
Rudy Giuliani
Trent Lott
Jack Abramoff
Erik Prince of Blackwater
Rush Limbaugh
Tom Delay
Mitt Romney
Michelle Bachmann
Jack Kemp
Dick Armey
Dick Cheney
Stephan Harper
Ross Perot
Pierre DuPont
Bob Jones
Mike Huckabee
Donald Rumsfeld
Mark Sanford
Steve Forbes
Tom Clancy
James Dobson
Coors Family
Pat Robertson
Ollie North
Pat Buchanan
Phylis Shlafley
Pat Boone
Jerry Falwell
Jesse Helms
Rev Sun Myung Moon who declared himself as savior, NOT Jesus Christ, yet who so many so-called Christians are financially beholden.

There are many other various interlocking groups, although often much older, fall under the umbrella of the CPN,  The Bohemian Grove is one of those groups. It's  an all male summer camp for the powerful, where decision makers, from cabinet members to captains of industry, cement bonds, and many say, make policy.  A statue of St. John of Nepomuk, who was martyred in 1393 because of his refusal to break the seal of the confessional and divulge the secrets of the queen of Bohemia to the Protestants, stands as a reminder to the oath of secrecy one must take to attend. Those who attend also sacrifice an effigy to a statue of an Owl, often thought to be representative of Moloch, but which is really symbolic of  the owl of Minerva, in order to cast away care so that members will do whatever it takes to succeed in their particular field. Past and present members include anyone and everyone in a powerful position.

Another group is the Sovereign Military Order of Malta with past and present members:

Mayer Amschel de Rothschild
Alan Dulles
Alexander Haig
Avery Dulles
Michael Bloomberg
Bush Family
Bill Clinton
Pat Buchanan
J. Edgar Hoover
Kurt Waldheim
David and Nelson Rockefeller
Nelson Mandela
Rick Santorum
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
Phyllis Schlafly
Erik Prince
Rupert Murdoch
Rudy Giuliani
William Casey
William F. Buckley
William Randolph Hurst
Frank Sinatra
Clay Shaw
Tony Blair
John Bolton
Michael Chertoff
H.L. Hunt
Oliver North
Rev Sun Myung Moon who declared himself as savior, NOT Jesus Christ, yet who so many so-called Christians are financially beholden.

However, the most interesting bit of information in the documentary, The Secret Right comes from the segment on standardized IQ.  One of the highly paid researchers, J. Philippe Rushton, in Charles Murray's highly controversial book, The Bell Curve (funded $3.5 million by The Pioneer Fund, established in 1937 to study racial purity as ideal) claimed that small genitalia may be a sign of superior intelligenceReally?  I think this falls under the category of "too much information" about researcher, and, in a nutshell, exposes the group who really lacks intelligence: the secret right.

Of course, this same book concludes that blacks are permanently set and hard-wired at a lower level of intelligence than whites and therefore welfare and job-training programs should reconsider spending money to change people who cannot be changed. This is despite evidence to the contrary where blacks scored higher than whites when they came from states with good education systems.


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