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Confessions of a CIA Black Ops Assassin

Gene "Chip" Tatum, a former CIA Black Ops Assassin and OSG2 NWO insider, who was also involved in Iran-Contra  knew what would happen to him if he spoke out and showed his documents, but he did it anyway, and in 2007,  Chip’s tortured body washed up on a beach in Panama.

In the video (below),  Chip discusses his "involvement in Operation Red Rock, Task Force 160 and OSG2. Hear him reveal the names of high profile officials who were integrally involved in these CIA covert killing sprees and/or narco-trafficking, directly or indirectly: Oliver "Ollie" North, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. You’ll learn from an "insider" about outrageous U.S. government felony crime and corruption and the impending New World Order destruction of America. You’ll hear his amazing insight concerning the Nixon Administration and the dirty politics of the Vietnam War. This is the last interview prior to his sudden disappearance in 1998. 


Full interview:

Interview with Chip's wife:
Ted Gunderson interviews Nancy Tatum, the wife of Black Ops-Operative Chip Tatum. In this film you'll learn from Nancy how her and Chip were stalked, harassed, intimidated and eventually railroaded into Federal Prison for Chip's refusal to turn over secret documents to U.S. Intelligence Agencies because he knew that they "knew" he had first-hand knowledge of shadow government narco-trafficking into the United States by powerful, high profile officials. Chip knew that he would be murdered if he gave up his "evidence" to Oliver North at the behest of his handler, George H.W. Bush. This video exposes how absolutely corrupt the Federal so-called "justice" department and courts have become-to the point of aiding and abetting in the conspiracy and cover-up of U.S. government "spook" agency participation in narcotics trafficking into the U.S. She warns how anyone and everyone can be destroyed by the corrupt justice system. free download of 'The Tatum Chronicles:' free download of 'Nixon's Darkest Secret:' free download of Tatum's C.I.P.A. Briefing: free download of Nexus magazine interview of Chip Tatum:

Here is a link to the text and copies of the documents “The Tatum Chronicles” including an order on White House stationary signed by George H.W. Bush to Chip to recover documents by whatever means necessary including death. He would not be held accountable.



Anonymous,  16:42  

This is sickening. $40 million the investigation yielded only a few prosecutions for minor infractions? No wonder, with no testimony by military personnel allowed.

Anonymous,  17:29  

He reminds me of Joseph Stiglitz.

Anonymous,  23:54  

Check out the Bush crime family flow chart.

J. West,  13:48  

They threw his wife, Nancy in jail for 6 months and threatened to go after her...that's when he decided to go public.

Anonymous,  14:38  

BlackOps Reporter is now onine and accepting anonymous information

Roth's stepchild 15:39  

16:42, I know, right? The corruption is so ubiquitous... so intricately and deceitfully woven into the fabric that materializes as the governing system that I don't believe it's possible to separate the two. It's time to throw it out and start fresh.

Roth's stepchild 15:48  

What's that, 14:38? Or, is that sarcasm?

Roth's stepchild 15:49  

J. West, just curious, but do you have a source?

Roth's stepchild 15:50  

Thanks 23:54...Very interesting!

Yeah, he does, 17:29

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