Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Never Ending Columbine Nightmare For One of its Victims..

It's been over 12 years since the Columbine massacre that took place on April 20, 1999, and one survivor, whistle-blower and victim, many times over,  Mark Taylor,  continues to suffer abuse at the hands of not one state, but two: Arizona and Colorado.

"It’s been almost thirteen years since the massacre and yet at least one of the victims continues to be victimized; most disgustingly by the very government sworn to protect him and his rights. We’re talking about Mark Taylor, the seventeen year old who took seven bullets and was a couple of millimeters from death.

Last year, the State of Arizona snatched Mark out of a hospital after he was having some breathing problems. They held him and drugged him for over a year, all illegally!

With the Pro Bono help of an attorney, some political radio and web heat, Governor Jan Brewer and her cronies backed down and Mark was released back to Colorado to stay with his mother Donna. All this AFTER the State of Arizona filled a suit to become Mark’s PERMANENT LEGAL GUARDIAN.

Donna brought Mark back home to Colorado and Mark was being slowly weened off the toxic psychiatric medication he had been force fed illegally in Arizona.

After a relapse in his health, the Colorado “Mental Health” “Authorities” snatched him away again. They’ve stolen his social security benefits, but surely that small sum of money is not the true motive for the continued illegal incarcerations and brain-washing of this fine young man.

1. Mark recovered from his grievous wounds AND the psychological aftermath.

2. Mark went on a book tour and appeared on Television, always lucid and well-mannered.

3. Mark testified at the FDA along with Dr. Ann Blake Tracy to push for the “Black Label” suicide warning label that is now on ALL SSRI drugs, like the ones Harris was on when he went on his murderous rampage.

4. Mark filed a lawsuit against Solvay Pharmaceuticals alleging that the Luvox that Eric Harris was taking contributed to his homicidal tendencies. This “side effect” is now considered to be empirically proven in the Kauffman Study published in 2009. Full Kauffman Study.

5. Mark, along with other students and witnesses, told investigators that there were shooters on the roof. Mark made public statements to this effect for several years after the massacre. However, the “official” Jefferson County Investigation claims that the man on the roof was an air conditioning maintenance man. Nearly ten years after the massacre a video tape was obtained that was filmed live during the shooting revealing that not only was Jeffco lying about there being no rooftop shooters, there was, in fact a whole SWAT team on the roof shooting blindly into the building. ”Covering fire” it was referred to if you dig into the 40,000 + pages that came out in the years after the official 10,000 pages were released. See for yourself:

6. If the motive for the massacre was about jocks, why did the boys write “Killing Cops” in their journals and “Fuck You Walsh,” referring to Sheriff Walsh who arrested the boys for breaking into the car in January of the preceding year? Click here for those details.

7. Why was the bomb warrant on the Harris home not served when it was ready to be signed by a judge more than a year before the massacre? And why did Jeffco hide the bomb warrant during the initial investigations? And why did the bomb warrant
( ) NOT have an evidence numberstamped onto it?

Lastly, and most importantly, why has there been such a massive coverup of the Columbine Massacre? The simplest explanation is that Sheriff Walsh sexually assaulted at least one of the boys. Take a look at the “crime scene drawing” done by Eric Harris the night of “The January Incident.” Surely, this picture does NOT depict the scene of the crime where the boy broke into the van and it certainly isn’t a man with a star walking a dog, as some would like to suggest. It looks plain and simply as an anal sexual assault by a man wearing a five-pointed star–a Sheriff’s badge. And THAT is why the Basement tapes are locked up in the National Archives because it’s logical to conclude that those tapes reveal the true motive: “Killing Cops” and “Our Revenge for the January Incident Will be God Like.” Just like we’ve seen with the Catholic Church and the recent Penn State Scandal, the world is infested with male sexual predators. In this case, we claim, they wore a badge and were sworn to protect. Incidentally, we’ve made extensive efforts to locate Sheriff Walsh, but he seems to have joined Jimmy Hoffa. Evil exists in the World and we must not turn away from it, rather we must continue to shed light on this ugly truth.


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