Saturday, July 09, 2005

Church and State

Recently criticism, targeted at our government for stressing fundamental Christian values and beliefs, is blurring the line between church and state. I believe the framers constructed the foundation of our government on Christian principles and at the very least held a deistic view of existence.

Having said that, I also believe the framers were clear that they did not want organized religion taking any part in the decision making process from the Executive, Judicial, or Legislative branch of government. Their only point of reference should be the Constitution of the United States.

The Bush Administration's attempt at incorporating evangelical Christian beliefs into the decision making process has confirmed for me that religion has no part in government. My reason is that Christianity, as well as other religions, are often interpreted to reflect the viewpoint and agenda of the person claiming to know what Christ would want.

I see no connection between what the Bush Administration is trying to do and Christianity. Jesus preaches about forgiveness and they preach about revenge. Jesus preaches about helping the poor and the "least of our brother" and they further line the pockets of those that already have too much.

Religion is used much too often to validate the immoral actions of the powerful to let it seep into administering public policy.


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