Wednesday, November 23, 2005


History has proven that many people and even some animals transcend the “survival of the fittest” mentality. These people have become the true heroes and role models of our society. Of course, we have to acknowledge the many that choose not to transcend their animal instinct, and we have many examples of them in history as well. They are the people that affirm that we are nothing but sophisticated barbarians who remain civilized until the shit hits the fan, and then we resort back to our savage ways “proving” Darwin right. These people are the true barbarians in society...the closet Nazis...because they choose to believe we are no better than the least moral among us. Their genes do survive because of Darwin’s theory but they do not propagate civilization; they do the exact opposite. It is the DNA of those that sacrifice themselves for the sake of humanity; the people that can see beyond that of their own survival that enable a civilized existence.

I realize this is a very simplistic view because we are all comprised of "self-preservative instinct" and "moral instinct" as well as many other "instincts", but I think it is wrong to believe that our "self-preservative instinct" is the only reason we have evolved, in fact I argue the opposite is true.

"Moral instinct" is the instinct we have to help others in times of need. I believe it is an instinct because most people develop a sudden emotional reaction to seeing others suffer.


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