Sunday, April 15, 2007

Justifying Imus' Behavior, by Borat, and the Rappers?

How come no one is bringing up the fact that Imus is a middle-aged, rich white-man who targeted a specific group of kids that fought tremendous odds to get where they are today?

How come we are afraid to say "No, it's not OK for rich white men to racially slur black college students?" especially when that rich, white man has no past history of contributing to the fight for their equality?

I don't see how Borat (Sacha Cohen), who has created a caricature to expose racism, prejudice and the hypocrisy that exists in today's society, can be compared to Imus' cruel remark specifically targeting innocent college girls. Just as "Archie Bunker" was created to reveal racism and hatred in a context, easy to digest, because we are laughing at the same time the ugly truth is being disclosed; Borat takes it one step farther, trying to anethnatize the painful process of seeing ourselves as we really are.

The rapper's lyrics -- who are extremely offensive, and hopefully the marketplace will coax them out of existence -- can't be compared to a racist remark coming from a person, who comes from a part of society, that literally, the rules of our society, are made tailor made.

The upper-class white man has rights the lower-class black woman will never have. These rights are woven into the fabric of our society and they guarantee the rich white man will always be in power. But, in order to detect these heavily shrouded entitlements, one must be willing to rip the fabric to shreds because they are so intricately and tightly woven.

This is not an issue of free-speech. If it were, I would be supporting Imus 100%, because I do not feel out government should interfere in any way in an American citizen's right to say whatever they please, no matter how cruel, mean-spirited or outlandish it is.


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