Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dumb Like a Fox?

I've thought all along that Bush has a lot more brains than we give him credit. In six short years, he has created a political dynasty that could destroy everything Franklin Roosevelt created and reduce the US Constitution to nothing but a bunch of useless fragments.

Bush may not be winning any popularity contests but he doesn't care because there is only one thing on his agenda...destroy what our Founding Fathers and President Roosevelt created and put all the power in the hands of an infinitesimally small, super wealthy segment of the world's population.

They say Hitler was an evil genius...I'm beginning to think Mr. Bush will make Mr. Hitler look as if he's was in the special ed section when he attended "evil school" in comparison. Hitler's main mistake was his need to flaunt his superiority, and keep flawless records of every nuance whereas Bush, who said, "I don't do nuance" comes across as a harmless country bumpkin, prouder than punch over how stupid people believe he is.

Look at him smirk every time he does something or says something that he knows ruffles the feathers of the "liberal elite"'s because he knows he's pulling one over on the whole world and history will figure out his genius, that is if there is anyone left to figure it out.

"Dumb?" hissed Barbara Bush, the waspish matriarch of the family when asked about suggestions that her son lacked intellectual wattage "He's dumb like a fox."


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