Friday, July 27, 2007

Execution For Loving the Wrong Person

What kinds of people murder other people for loving another person? What kinds of people base their laws on hate, intolerance, discrimination and injustice? What kinds of people make laws allowing children to be raped?

"As marital rape is not illegal, a man who rapes a nine-year-old girl is exonerated if her father agrees to let her rapist marry her".
The answer is far too many countries around the world. Many people take these horror stories and turn them on those of us who choose to be vigilant and guard the precious gift our founding fathers left us. These people imply that we, who dare to criticize our current government, are unpatriotic and ungrateful. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is far more unpatriotic and ungrateful to back up men and policies that go against the United States Constitution.

Granted, this group of men, our founding fathers, did not exactly "walk the walk"; nevertheless, they left us with a system of fundamental laws and principles to govern ourselves that no other country has succeeded in carrying out. Now is the time to prove we deserve to live in a country this great. Instead of pretending everything is copasetic and blinding ourselves to what is really happening, we need to earn our citizenship, guaranteeing that what is happening in Iran today will never happen in this country.


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