Sunday, August 05, 2007

Do We Have More Corruption Now?

I don't think we do but it sure seems that way. It's easy to forget the corruption we did not live through or that happened in the past. One of the only reasons we may have more corruption now is because we have created laws that make what used to be considered fair play, corruption.

The playing field is being leveled and for the first time in history, “we the people” have a shot at running the country and taking the country back for ourselves. The internet has given everyone a voice, whether you are male or female, black, white or brown; rich or poor; old or young; gay or straight. The people at the top have a formidable opponent now and better watch their step, because Sam the sanitation worker or Dora the domestic engineer might take you down.

I think we are better off now than we ever were. Technology has created a bridge across the mote so the common people have more access to the political elites. I don't even know that the corruption is any worse than before, but at least we have the tools to investigate and report on it from the grass roots level.

-- Thomas Friedman


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