Thursday, August 30, 2007

True Faith.

“Where is my faith?” “Even deep down … there is nothing but emptiness and darkness. … If there be God — please forgive me.” -- Mother Theresa

Faith is not so much about how we feel or what we say as it is about what we do. Mother Theresa's actions and behavior spoke louder than any feelings or words could ever convey. It's easy to act accordingly when your feelings are in sync with what you believe, but almost impossible to do so when feeling the opposite, which is why Mother Theresa's faith is not only strong, but transcends human nature.

How many times do we see people who claim to serve God, cry, shout, and preach about how strong their faith is, only to find out their conduct and lifestyle only serve themselves. Many of these people may even convince themselves the high they feel comes directly from God, when in reality it comes from power, greed, and the perception of their own "superiority".


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