Sunday, September 02, 2007

The “Disposable People”

Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich's insistence that he did the right thing on tonight's episode of Sixty Minutes updated segment, The Killings In Haditha, is not so far-fetched; after all, the people he killed are for the most part "disposable." That may sound harsh but it's true.

There is little question that the Iraq war was started to maintain "the non-negotiable American way of life," a lifestyle based on an ever increasing consumption of a non-renewable resource, oil. Maintaining control of Iraq's oil reserves -- the third largest in the world -- will ensure that our multiple cars, computers, home entertainment systems, mini-mansions, etc. will run smoothly and that superabundance will endure in America, or at least long enough to make sure the baby-boomers make it through, and hopefully my generation as well, to be completely honest...I love my lifestyle! But not enough to preserve it at the expense of the "disposable people."

President Bush addressing the Iraqi people in 2003:

"And all Iraqi military and civilian personnel should listen carefully to this warning. In any conflict, your fate will depend on your action. Do not destroy oil wells..." -- George Bush
The second updated segment of Sixty Minutes,The Ship Breakers Of Bangladesh also illustrated the importance of the "disposable people" to what we call "free market capitalism".


Anonymous,  21:12  

I disagree with you that people are exepndable. I hope you are being facetious. This whole "no blood for oil" mantra is naive and

rediculous. If you want to live without oil, you should be a Quaker, or a Taliban. Or, you should move to Bangledesh. I mean no disservice to

those people. However, an agrarian society living off the land is where you would be. If you are a commmunist or an actual member of

the socialist party, you also depend upon oil. From my history classes in college, I dont remember Castro, Marx or Lenin specifically

denying their followers from using oil. I believe they wanted success of their ideals whether it included oil or not. Someone who

believes in "no blood for oil" should not have or use a car or public transportation, have or use anything plastic, should not use

electricity (not because electricity is generated by oil but all the plastic and paints and machinery that is used to deliver

electricity is based upon oil). Furthermore, you as a passionate idealogue certainly should not be using the Internet, web servers, a computer or wiring. It all contains or is based upon oil.

Most likely everything you and your family depend upon is based on the success of the industrialized world using oil and its

derivatives. The value of you home (, if you have one), your education (which seems to be in question), healthcare, your job (I know you dont, I just threw that one in there) are all based on oil.

So before you pull this "no blood for oil" crap, you better figure out what the hell you're talking about. Chris

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