Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Will Bush Veto the "American Dream"?

The "American Dream", the idea that one's prosperity depends upon hard work, not rigid class structure, will be all but non-existent if President Bush vetoes SCHIP.
This administration has worked very hard to eliminate the idea of America as the "land of opportunity" and destroying this program will most certainly send the message that the "American Dream" will not be possible to most Americans.

Even some Bush supporters, such as Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) think Bush's plan to veto a bill that would extend health insurance to children of the people who fall slightly above the poverty line, is outrageous.

These are children of working-poor parents who are trying to work but don’t have the money to get health insurance. It’s hardly welfare."
SCHIP covers the families that are doing exactly what the Republicans preach...they are working hard...damn hard! They are not failing the standards of social and personal responsibility.

Why is Bush penalizing the already responsible? Does he want the people who work two, sometimes three jobs just to stay off welfare to quit one or both of their jobs so they qualify for health insurance? The President is not only vetoing the health insurance program he is in directly opposing what America stands for; he is making sure that Americans who work hard have very little chance of becoming successful.


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