Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Symbol of the Gonzales Reign Departs

Ten days after Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey took office, Minnesota US attorney Rachel Paulose, 34-years old, and the youngest US attorney in the country, departed her post after much controversy about her qualifications. Career prosecutors in the office describe her as lacking in leadership skills, autocratic, and overly anxious to punish dissenters.

Some think Rachel Paulose's departure is a sign that Attorney General Mukasey is going to be a different kind of leader than his predecessor. It could also be he had no choice considering the discordant atmosphere she seemed to create.

Prior to Rachel Paulose's reassignment, one month after she was "formally sworn in as U.S. attorney, three prosecutors resigned supervisory posts, saying they could not work with her." In addition a group of top managers in the Justice department said they would take a take a demotion or step down if Paulose continued in her position.

It's too early to tell whether Atty. Gen. Mukasey's decision was based on avoiding more controversy or because he wants to make it clear he will not tolerate the same behavior that was encouraged when Alberto Gonzales occupied the position of Attorney General.


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