Saturday, December 08, 2007

Age Does Matter

As Dwight D. Eisenhower said, "Any man who wants to be president is either an egomaniac or crazy"

Aging takes its toll on the ego and as a person's matures, his motivation becomes less egocentric. Life experience teaches us to feel our own needs less intensely, therefore making it possible to seek out solutions based on what is best for the whole as opposed to what is best for me.

I agree with John Edwards on most issues and I believe he would make a great president someday. However, Joe Biden would make a better president right now because he has the wisdom required to lead a country as powerful as our country is; the wisdom gained from the accumulation of knowledge resulting from direct participation in political events, from what he has observed, encountered, and undergone over almost four decades of service to this country.

I may not agree with Biden on every issue but I trust that his decisions will be based on his insight and ability to discern or judge what is best for America in the long run. He has witnessed and been a part of the democratic process for much longer than any of the other candidates and has shown he has what it takes to take on the most challenging of situations.

Of course, the aging process alone is not sufficient to determine whether one is qualified to be President of the United States...far from it. Nevertheless, when almost all other factors are equal, we should consider age only as far as how much experience a person has and how he has responded to what life has dished out.

Is he willing to admit when he is wrong? Does he have the strength and integrity to cling to what he truly believes is right despite social or political pressure, yet possesses the ability to put his ego in perspective and the flexibility to alter his opinion when presented with new knowledge and/or particular instances of personally encountering or undergoing something?

We do not know how most of the candidates will respond when the proverbial shit hits the fan but we do know how Joe Biden has responded to the most difficult circumstances and we've seen him mature gracefully willing to learn from his mistakes and grow from the trials and tribulations life has dished out.


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