Monday, March 24, 2008

The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.

As usual, Thomas Jefferson hit the nail on the head. If "We the People" are guilty of anything, it's taking our eyes off the cookie jar at the "Cookie Monster" convention. That's just plain stupid, but I guess that's why we're the "peasants".

The "corporate class" or the "Cookie Monster" convention assert that the markets discipline themselves and interference will only keep the markets from "working properly" or more precisely, working for those who can afford to take advantage of and gain at the expense of the ordinary taxpayer. At the same time, when the market starts to melt due to corruption, greed and lack of standards, requirements, and rules, the same free market fundamentalists who denounced regulation earlier, now want to be bailed out, once again, at "We the People's" expense.

In return, for paying the price of their sins, "We the People" should, at the very least, demand regulation so that this does not happen again. The guilty parties deserve to bail themselves out and most deserve a jail sentence as their depraved behavior "trickled down" to the "least of their brother", yet that will never happen because the cost to all of us would be far too much.

So it goes, all those responsible for nearly collapsing our economy will get away with reaping the benefits from the very institution they fought so hard and succeeded to make impotent - our government - while we lose jobs, retirement savings, and in general, our quality of life or in other words, we're left with the crumbs, and that's if you are lucky. Let's not forget that this corporate class of people will have to endure watching their bank accounts drop from $100 million to $50 million dollars and most of us can honestly say we will never know what that feels like.


Kramer,  18:54  

The problem is it's kind of hard to keep your eye on something when you don't understand what's going on.

They make everything so complicated that it's almost impossible to remain vigilant.

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