Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Fastest Growing Business in America

Entrepreneur Magazine lists The Hot 100 ranking the fastest growing business in America and allows you to sort the list by rank, sales or industry. From nearly 21 million U.S. businesses they selected the ones which met the following criteria:

* Must have been founded no earlier than 1999 and no later than 2003
* Company sales in 2003 must be $100,000 or greater; 2007 sales must not exceed $1 billion
*Must have positive job growth between 2003 and 2007
*Must have a minimum level of sales growth or a sales growth quantifier of 1 or higher between 2003 and 2007; the growth quantifier is a measurement that combines percentage and absolute growth.
64,000 businesses of the 21 million businesses met the above criteria. To be eligible, the founder must be actively involved in the company, the company cannot be a spinoff or a division of a larger company, and company sales for 2007 must be at least $1 million.

Here are the top 10:

1. Simply Self Storage - this company offers to do self storage on the customers' terms.

2. Blue Star Energy Services - the fastest-growing electricity supplier in the nation helps by reducing energy consumption, maximizing customer savings, and helping businesses and residences improve the environment.

3. - this company seeks to translate the world of personal finance and help customers save as much money as possible--all online.

4. HemCon Medical Technologies Inc. - as part of the medical device industry HemCom continues to advance the standard of tech-driven medical care in an effort to save more lives.

5. Global Water Resources - this company reclaims and reuses water going down house drains and making it useful again for other purposes. And it's ready to irrigate their water conservation ideals throughout the world.

6. mX Energy - By using a fixed rate plan, this company supplies electricity and natural gas to customers without any seasonal variation in costs, and instead a predictable and manageable budget for its customers.

7. Health Trans LLC - Administrating pharmacy benefits programs, more efficiently.

8. Litle & Co. - Online payment processing company

9. Deep Marine Technology - wide-ranging subsea services for the offshore oil and gas industries.

10. SGIS - provides high-impact and agile solutions for government contracting, IT and professional services.


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