Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gay Americans are Leaders in Online Usage

An online study shows the GLBT community is reading and responding to more blogs than heterosexuals and more receptive to blog advertising.

When asked to choose from a list of online activities, 27 % of gay adults reported posting a comment on a blog in the last month, compared to 13 % of heterosexuals.

In addition, more than one out of five (21%) gay respondents said they had written a personal blog in the last month, compared to 7 % of heterosexuals.

"Studies consistently show that gays and lesbians are leaders in online usage, are very keen to find relevant and timely information, and feel more strongly about staying on top of latest trends. Blogs are fast shaping the media landscape, and it is one medium that marketers and advertisers can�t afford to ignore, especially when it comes to reaching gay and lesbian influencers, voters and consumers." -- Wes Combs, President of Witeck-Combs Communications, Inc.
Therefore, it's only fair that the GLBT population can access collaborative space online with the freedom to express oneself without the homophobic commentary that so often presents itself in online gaming/geek communities.
"After years of trying to find ways to connect with like-minded geeks, I realized there was a real need for a collaborative space where we could all feel at ease to express ourselves. It's just about being real - If I think a game character is cute, I want to be able to say so without incurring the wrath of an anonymous online homophobe. I honed the necessary skills to build a site like through my work and career -- this, coupled with my life-long passion for all things geeky, finally coalesced and was born," -- Steve Lunny, Head Geek and Creative Director at (a.k.a Stevie Spin


Anonymous,  08:12  

Thanks for the iGaymer link. I've been looking for something like this.

try to be american,  17:33  

I not know gay American yet. Gay Americans scared George Bush, no?
They stay in closet, no?

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