Monday, August 25, 2008

What do Joe Biden and Eliot Spitzer Have in Common?

As I have said before, Joe Biden's experience is a positive addition to Obama's candidacy, however, his long history becomes antiquated and is a detriment in the area of technology. Either that, or he's trying to make up for infringing on the copyright of others.

Biden's pro RIAA tech voting record, his effort to expand copyright law, his somewhat hypocritical effort to remedy the situation, and finally, his lack of perspective in this area could be compared to Spitzer's paradoxical behavior in another realm, although not as quite as drama filled and salacious as that of Mr. Spitzer.

Hopefully Obama will convince his running mate to support the principle of network neutrality and to quit backing the RIAA and the MPA as they are more than capable of taking care of business on their own.

Even after this "devastating" news, I'd still back Joe Biden's candidacy 100% if he were running for President. Why? Because, as I've also mentioned numerous times before, Joe Biden has demonstrated above all else, that he is willing to learn from his mistakes and that he's flexible enough to incorporate new information and experience in order to keep up with the rapidly changing complex global environment that is our future.


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