Sunday, August 03, 2008

When Governments Start Going After the Weak it's Not a Good Sign.

Notice the t-shirt on one of the agents involved in the federal raid on the sick and the dying in the photo at left. Could it be that Blackwater contractors are now taking on the truly dangerous ...dying cancer patients?

Now, I don't want to jump to any conclusions, however, the photo at left was pulled from an LA Times news report on a federal raid at the Culver City medical marijuana dispensary on August 1.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Victor B. Kenton authorized the seizure of "controlled substances, including marijuana; derivatives thereof, and edible products containing marijuana . . . receipts, notes, ledgers, records . . . reflecting the proceeds of those activities . . . electronic equipment . . . photographs, negatives, videotapes, films, addresses and/or telephone books . . . records, documents, programs, applications. . . ." according to the LA Times article, and this action comes on the same day an appellate court in San Diego rules that federal law does not preempt California's medical pot law.

"Marijuana remains a controlled substance, and it is illegal under federal law to possess, dispense or cultivate marijuana in any form," -- Sarah Pullen, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles office of the agency.
As one commenter pointed out, the Controlled Substances Act, Schedule I excludes substances that have "an accepted use in medical treatment in the United States".
So, why are we busting medical marijuana patients with valid doctor's prescriptions? Why all the bravado? I mean, come on...what are they trying to prove? Some of these people can barely lift their head off their pillow.

Perhaps, easily grown, inexpensive marijuana threatens the Pharmaceutical industry's potential profit margin. Perhaps, the "Rambo" tactics are meant to send a clear message. Perhaps, "Big Brother"..."Big Business"..."The Man" is sitting on a big secret(s), a secret(s), that if it ever got out, could decorpocratize America.


Rebecca Saltzman 20:43  

The DEA is claiming that the agent was a DEA agent and not employed by Blackwater.

Anonymous,  22:16  

DEA agents do not always adhere to the letter of the law as it is but at least they are under US law. Blackwater mercenaries are above the law...they can do whatever they please. I have no doubt that man in the picture is a Blackwater employee.

bleute 08:59  

Thanks for the article!

bleute 09:04  

I agree. You would think Blackwater would have made it clear not to wear anything with their logo.

Anonymous,  12:53  

I don't know about this. His brother, friend, or just about anyone could have given it to him. I don't think Blackwater is involved.

It doesn't make sense. No matter what you think of our government, why would they waste all that money for such a simple operation? Surely, Blackwater could be put to better use.

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