Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Our Money, Stupid!

Paulson, Bush, Wall Street...
Why are we so stupid? Myself included. Why do we get all excited over stimulus checks written for only an infinitesimally small fraction of our own money, the same money taken from us to fund the agenda of a few greedy warmongers?

Why do we act like tax cuts, designed to rip us off, only to benefit those of us who already have enough money to wallpaper the the entire state of Texas, is a good thing? Oh sure, we might get a few dollars at tax time, a mere fraction of what it cost us to line the pockets of those Texan wallpaperers.

We are so easily distracted by the shiny penny in front of us that we completely fail to see the guy who threw it there, is now picking our pocket clean.

Will the current economic fiasco teach us a lesson? If history is any indicator, the answer is, not a chance.

More than once, Willie Sutton, dressed as a prison guard, carried two ladders clear across the yard in order to rob some "poor" unsuspecting soul, blind. When caught in the spot light, he yelled out, "It’s ok!" and continued on with his mission without missing a beat.

Two ladders?!?


speak for yourself,  18:17  

Speak for yourself. Maybe your stupid but don't judge everyone else by the way you think.

Anonymous,  07:17  

It always amazes me how blatantly bold some people are. It just goes to shows the lack of confidence most people have in themselves. They can see something unfold right before their eyes and all it takes is someone with lots of confidence to tell them something else is happening
and they believe it.


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