Monday, November 17, 2008

The Way Americans Really Feel About Gay Marriage

From BET:
As we celebrate the hope for reform that we think Obama will bring, our country's presidential choice was bittersweet for the gay community as same-sex marriage bans passed in several states that same day.

Anyway, since the news on that front has been anything but uplifting the last couple of weeks, here are a few tidbits of inspiration.

Gay High School expands mission. - "While the school will be open to all students, its special mission will be to provide a haven where students can feel safe and valued for who they are," reads the mission statement of the proposed school.

Prism Comics who promotes the works of the LGBT community in comics announced that Perry Moore's acclaimed novel Hero will be adapted into an hour-long television series on Showtime. Hero tells the story of a teenage superhero, Thom Creed, who must deal with his ex-superhero father's disgrace, his own sexuality, and a murderer stalking the world's heroes. At Comic-Con, Stan Lee, the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics praised Moore’s Hero, calling the book’s young gay protagonist “a one-of-a-kind hero for the future.”

Wanda Sykes is out.

James Dobson, leader of "Focus on the Family" donated nearly $600,000 to help fight gay marriage in California. It turns out he must pay an additional price as 202 jobs will be cut companywide — more than 20 percent of his workforce.

OK, not exactly news from America...

Mumbai gives Israeli gay couple a baby boy Less Than a year ago, Omer and Yonathan Gher dropped a rose in to the Arabian Sea with a silent prayer, just as a fortune teller had told them to do.

A coming out story. 45-year-old Greg always knew he was different, but coming out was a huge step for the family man he became. He tells us his story.

I believe this is the way most Americans really feel about gay marriage. I often wonder how many people voted "Yes" thinking they were supporting gay marriage.

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