Friday, November 14, 2008

Who is the "you" Bush is referring?

While Americans continue to claw their way out of all kinds of debt, from medical bills to college loans, to foreclosures, not only is our government primarily focusing on bailing out the "crooks" that contributed to our current fiscal crisis, the Federal Reserve is hiring them to guard the "hen house". More specifically, the Fed appointed Michael Alix, the chief risk officer at Bear Stearns from 2006 until its downfall in March, as senior vice president in the Bank Supervision Group of the New York Federal Reserve on October 31. That's right, the guy whose specialty was evading risk controls at Bear Stearns will now be in charge of leading the bank supervision group at the New York Fed.

Do we need any more proof that "government of the people, by the people, for the people", should read: government of the bankers, by the bankers, for the bankers?

Here's the thing, it's not just the working poor who are struggling, it's doctors, dentists, and other professionals we always assumed are above the "struggle". Obviously, these professionals are living in splendor compared to people making minimum wage, however the high cost of insurance and student loans out the wazoo, keep those of us at the higher end of the income spectrum from crawling out of the money pit. (Notice, I didn't include lawyers, although I hear they are not faring to well either)

Meanwhile, "President" Bush tells us we shouldn't let "a few months of crisis" get in the way of the "free market". Free market? Bush has single-handedly redefined the words, "free", and "compassionate" - considering he ran as a "compassionate" conservative - to take on the meaning of each word's antonym.

Addressing a conservative audience at historic Federal Hall, President Bush said the following:

"If you seek economic growth, if you seek opportunity, if you seek social justice and human dignity, the free market system is the way to go," Bush said to another burst of applause. "And it would be a terrible mistake to allow a few months of crisis to undermine 60 years of success."
Who is the "you" Bush is referring? It's not us, that's for sure. Rather it's the people who benefit and continue to benefit from the biased, coerced and partisan market he speaks.

Ask yourself, what portion of the $1 trillion being spent to prop up our financial structure, the money our economic and political system is taking from us, has gone toward helping we the people? It's very simple math because the answer is zero. The market is blantly rigged to serve the interests of those who have created and continue to advocate for it. Henry Paulson and George W. Bush, and the like, devote their time to saving their own people, while the increasing numbers of us slip further and further into debt, destitution and darkness.

To resounding applause from the crowd of about 175, Bush went on to say:
"History has shown that the greater threat to economic prosperity is not too little government involvement in the market, it is too much government involvement in the market. Our aim should not be more government," he added later, "it should be smarter government."
Once again, economic prosperity for who? Not us, that's for sure.

As far as less, but smarter government involvement goes, the question has to be asked, for who? Well, as you can see the "resounding applause" came from 175 people. Add a few hundred more, and that composes approximately the number of people the "you" and the "who" Bush refers too.


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