Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crucial Crossroads: Last Chance for Redemption.

At the beginning of the 20th century, at the last critical crossroads, apparently, the road signs must have been twisted in the wrong direction. Despite the advancement of technology and the increased availability of information at the time, those who were in a position to choose, chose the wrong path, as we are emerging from the most blood thirsty century in history, not to mention, increasing global impoverishment.

Nevertheless, we have been given another chance to redeem ourselves, as the world is still spinning. However, this may possibly be the final opportunity, leaving us with two options: "Evolve or die"

This well-known mantra of Silicon Valley - due to the lightning speed of innovation and change in technology - should be bill-boarded across the nation, because as technology goes, we go. However, because technology is not independent of human beings, we can control the direction it takes by setting up the doctrines that guide its process toward either creating a better humanity or destroying humanity entirely.

We, the United States, along with a few other super powers, will decide the fate of the world simply because we have the political clout. The 3.8 billion people living on $2 per day do not have the time, energy or resources to do much else than avoid starvation, let alone chart the course of the universe.

Thus far, individual greed and the quest for power for its own sake, have launched the globe toward the "no spin" zone. The time has come for individuals to come together in order to innovate our future in the opposite direction, that of protecting human rights and the civil liberties of every citizen, and come to an understanding that justice does not exist at all unless it is all inclusive (rich, poor, black, white, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, male, female, transgendered, etc.)

Instead of committing to the perpetuation of the status quo - corruption and financial manipulation; rule by capitalist elites; profiting at the expense of human beings; unlimited economic growth; dependency on centralized, large-scale systems; concentration of wealth in the hands of the few; violence and scapegoating of the innocent, etc - it's imperative we persist in changing society and the world, ensuring a constant flow of information, so that denial, hiding and suppression cease to thrive.

Seems like a tall order, nevertheless, there are people who are already on the job.

The Global Swadeshi network is one example. Initially this group was a rural movement focused on farming, but the current crisis has convinced the network to move on urban issues as well.

Swadeshi means "own land." Gandhi used the term when referring to economic self-sufficiency. Swadeshi was Gandhi's word for the practice of a way of life which created economic independence, and the pressure towards political independence which this practice created. Global swadeshi is the hope that one day everybody on the planet can enjoy swadeshi, in the sense of owning the things they need to be fully alive and economically self-supporting at this level.

Today, we are standing at the crossroads of a decision, at a point in time, and given opportunity that will not soon come again, if ever. We must decide if we will continue to trust in the lie that present-day powers want us to believe, or take back the authority that is ours to begin with, and use it to seek the values this country was founded on...liberty and justice for all.


life is good,  14:06  

We get the point. The last century was evil. The past is the past. Concentrate on the future and stop trying to bring America down with your doom and gloom.

Anonymous,  18:43  

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