Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Kind of God Would Create Such Complex , Self-Aware, and Fancy Worm Food?

A kind and loving God? Well, if that's God's idea of kind and loving, it certainly doesn't jive with what most of us humans believe is kind and loving. However, somehow, I think that's the point. Considering, we can't explain 99% of what's "out there" and that's not including all that is "out there" that we don't even know is "out there", we, humans don't know a whole lot...we just think we do. And, that's why I'll take Tony Soprano over that smug "know-it-all" Richard Dawkins any day.

And after three days of drinkin' with Larry Love
I just get an inklin' to go on home
So, I'm walkin' down Coldharbour Lane
Head hung low, three or four in the mornin'

The suns comin' up and the birds are out singing
I let myself into my pad
Wind myself up that spiral staircase
An' stretch out nice on the chesterfield

Pithecanthropus Erectus already on the CD player
And I just push that remote button to sublimity
And listen to the sweet sculptural rhythms of Charles Mingus
And J.R. Monterose and Jackie Mclean
Duet on those saxophones

And the sound makes it's way outta the window
Minglin' with the traffic noises outside, you know and
All of a sudden I'm overcome by a feelin' of brief mortality
'Cause I'm gettin' on in the world
Comin' up on forty-one years

Forty-one stoney gray steps towards the grave
You know the box, awaits it's grissly load
Now, I'm gonna be food for worms
And just like Charles Mingus wrote
That beautiful piece-a music, 'Epitaph for Eric Dolphy'

I say, so long Eric, so long, John Coltrane
And Charles Mingus, so long, Duke Ellington
And Lester Young, so long, Billie Holliday
And Ella Fitzgerald, so long, Jimmy Reed
So long, Muddy Waters, and so, long Howlin' Wolf


Anonymous,  00:05  

Richard Dawkins and Tony Soprano? Uh...okay.

AJ,  23:18  

I agree. Richard Dawkins is a douchebag.

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