Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Last Time Pirates Attacked the US Navy Was Born

The last time an American ship was attacked by pirates - Muslim pirates, that is - was in 1804, during the first of the Barbary Wars (1801–1805).

Much like today, the U.S., in its infancy, found itself dealing with a form of terrorism, and the principles of the Muslim religion. The result was the birth of the United States Navy.

While it's doubtful, something as massive in scale as the U.S. Navy will emerge from this pirate attack, there are methods private merchant ships can use to prevent further attacks:

The ships take protective measures themselves, either by their speed or by maneuvers, a big ship, when it maneuvers and makes sharp turns, can create a huge wake and swells that make it difficult for the little motor boats to approach.

Further things that have been recommended -- in some cases installed -- are vessels have fire hoses that they can use to fend off the attackers. And even to the point of the recommendation that the railings around the ship's deck be electrified, which would prevent the boarding from the small vessels.

So all of those have been recommended, and in some cases, in a few cases, they are in place.


Anonymous,  11:01  

Pirating must be addicting. I would think especially for people who lack the most fundamental necessities.

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