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Who Took Hitler Off the Horse and Motorized the Third Reich?

Today, a few immense corporations dominate the world's mass media, therefore controlling the information which we, the people depend on to make most of our decisions "from whom to vote for to what to eat." These huge corporations "exert a homogenizing power over ideas, culture and commerce that affects populations larger than any in history."(1)

This omnipotence, of course, translates to vast profits, which greatly enhances the ability of those in control to transform any vision into reality. In other words, one man cannot take over the world without the necessary economics or large "economies of scale" to support him in his endeavor, which brings me to Hitler.

Who helped Adolf Hitler? How did he project his power, not only in his own country, but across countless international borders? Where did he get his ideas? How did he continue to fund, supply, support and maintain a large scale global operation that almost succeeded in taking over the world? Yes, he alone can take all the "credit" as mastermind of this evil empire...for "connecting the dots" that manifested as the Third Reich, but where did, as Edwin Black states, "the indispensable pivots of the outlines of Hitler's Holocaust" originate?

In his book, Nazi Nexus: America's Corporate Connections to Hitler's Holocaust, Black connects his own dots and discovers the "how, why, who, what, where, and when" that determined the enormous scope and dimensions of Hitler's Holocaust, and comes up with answers no one wants to hear. Yet, now is the time to set the record straight, as Americans witness first hand, the influence and power big business and corporate America wield over we, the people.

The number one dot, the dot where the ideas sprang forth starts with Henry Ford, who published "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" which was distributed throughout Germany as early as 1919, and quickly became the bible of German anti-Semites.

In "Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote,

“The whole existence of this people is based on a continuous lie shown incomparably by the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion.' ”
The second dot, or the origination of the notion of "Race and Blood" (master race), and the subsequent funding of, belongs to Stanford president David Starr Jordan, The Carnegie Institution and The Rockefeller Foundation, who engendered and propogated the idea that idealized a blond, blue-eyed superior race science (eugenics).
"In pursuit of that dream, Carnegie scientists believed some 90 percent of humanity was to be eliminated using various methods. These methods included organized identification, seizure of assets, marriage prohibition or nullification, forced surgical sterilization, segregation into camps and publicly operated gas chambers. Carnegie spent millions to propagate American eugenic theories in post-World War I Germany, financing race science programs in universities and official institutions.

The Rockefeller Foundation, the philanthropic incarnation of Standard Oil, acted as a full partner with Carnegie in establishing eugenics in Germany. In the quest to perfect the master race, millions of Depression-era dollars were transmitted by Rockefeller to Hitler’s most anti-Jewish doctors. In this quest, one specimen was desired above all: twins. Rockefeller funded Hitler’s chief raceologist, Otmar Verschuer, and his insatiable twin experimentation programs. Twins, it was thought, held the secret to industrially multiplying the Aryan racial type and quickly subtracting biological undesirables." -- Edwin Black
And now we come to the question, who took Hitler off the horse? No, it wasn't Henry Ford, it was General Motors president Alfred Sloan, who committed himself and his company to motorizing Germany, by providing the economy of scale that Germany could not. Sure, Germany beautifully crafted many automobiles, however, one vehicle at a time. GM' brought mass production to the Third Reich, thus transforming it to the powerhouse we have vowed never to repeat.

Because the automobile industry is the keystone to economic success, Sloan also assured Hitler that Germany would become fully employed.
"Sloan and GM knowingly prepared the Wehrmacht to wage war in Europe. GM built the Blitz truck for the Blitzkrieg. Detroit even secretly moved massive stores of spare Blitz parts to the Polish border in the days just before the Sept. 1, 1939 invasion to facilitate the Blitzkrieg. Using a charade of interlocking boards and executive committees, Sloan kept GM’s role secret as long as possible. -- Edwin Black
Most people, if asked, where the information age began, would answer, Silicon Valley. However, the answer, according to Black, is Berlin in 1933.

Black defines the information age as "the individualization of statistics", and IBM's Hollerith Punch Card - Herman Hollerith was the German American who first automated U.S. census information in the late 19th century and founded the company that became IBM - the tool which could accomplish that task, provided the solution to systematizing and organizing Hitler's Holocaust.

Under the micromanagement of president of IBM Thomas J. Watson , IBM developed a census using the Hollerith punch card. This worked by punching in one row, the mother tongue, and in another row, the profession, and in another row, the nationality, and in another row, the religion, and in another row, the city, at the rate of 24,000 cards per hour, which gave Hitler the ability to identify all of the Jews of polish extraction in Berlin who were engaged in the fur trade. From that point on IBM systematized, co-planned and organized all six phases of the Holocaust:
  1. Identification of the Jews
  2. Expulsion from society...they cross referenced all the directories.
  3. Confiscation of their assets. All the banks, all the financial institutions on IBM punch cards.
  4. Ghettoization of the Jews.
  5. Deportation of the Jews. All the trains in Europe ran on Hollerith punch cards
  6. Extermination of the Jews. The Auschwitz tattoo…an IBM number, an IBM number.
"IBM simply asked the Hitler regime what result was desired. Then company engineers devised custom-tailored punch card systems to deliver those results. There was an IBM customer site [Hollerith Abteilung]. in every concentration camp. Machines were serviced monthly, sometimes weekly, by IBM on site -- whether that site was Auschwitz or downtown Berlin." -- Edwin Black

Ford, GM, The Carnegie Institute, The Rockefeller Center, and every other corporation who participated in Hitler's genocide did so out of hatred for the Jews, biological hatred, or political reasons, with the exception of one, IBM, who automated the extermination of human beings for profit alone.

IBM has never contradicted any of the evidence or facts, nor have they responded to requests by Jewish, Gypsy, and other survivor groups, to apologize for its involvement with the Nazi regime. Their only statement being: "We are a technology company, we are not historians."

Considering the extent to which technology has evolved to today, one has to wonder - if the potential for profit is large enough - if IBM, who clearly refused to accept any responsibility for its part in the Holocaust, will once again, participate in and bring to "light" the diabolical vision of a mad man (men).

(1) Ben H. Bagdikian, "The Lords of the Global Village," The Nation, June
12, 1989, p. 807.


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