Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Did Barack Obama and Dick Cheney Swap Souls?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) brief, which argued that states should not have to recognize same-sex marriages from other states, just as states don’t have to recognize incestuous marriages or marriages involving underage girls, and supported the Defense of Marriage Act sounds like Jerry Falwell could've written it. It certainly does not sound like something the "enlightened" Obama administration DOJ would release. But that's exactly where it came from.

Today, President Obama, feeling the pressure from many in the gay community who have voiced disappointment with him, will offer benefits to gay partners of federal employees.

Reform requires the rallying and mobilization of we the people with respect to matters of public policy we want to see changed. Sitting idly by waiting for President Obama to act will ensure the status quo continues uninterrupted.

From the article: Iranian Election Exposes Obama's Gay Rights Lies (Really!)

"I would like to hold out the following hope for Obama, however. With respect to social issues, perhaps he can learn that he must respond to the public will (and especially the public that elected him). But the public must make it known loud and clear. I’m not suggesting anything like the unrest that Mr. Sullivan is chronicling in Tehran. But there will need to be a new march on Washington for full equality for LGBT Americans. The march will not be a party of the Gay Pride Festival variety, but rather a no-nonsense affair that will require not only gay people but straight supporters of the cause. There must be so many bodies and voices overflowing the mall that the press can’t underestimate the crowd. There mustn’t be a single available hotel room in DC that day. And the demand must not be just for the repeal of DADT, DOMA, and in favor of ENDA, but to enable every gay, lesbian, and bisexual person in America to come out.

Because the only way this matter will ever really be settled is when everyone finally knows that someone they know and like or love is gay, and once they wrap their heads around that, they can no longer maintain the dehumanizing opinions they presently harbor." -- Michael Fox


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