Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finding a New Way to Circulate Financial Credit.

As out economy starts to "recover" it's easy for us to become complacent once more and hope for the best. Yet, we have to ask ourselves which economy is recovering: Main Street or Wall Street? The bankers or we, the people? And, if it's the banks who are recovering - the same banks who collapsed the economy in the first place, who we had to bail out with our own money - why are we content to revive the economic model that will continue this cycle until the next collapse, which will be far worse?

We have an economic system that is unsustainable and no longer works in a world where scarcity is no longer the issue. We have more than enough "goods" to meet the fundamental needs of the world's populations several times over, yet we persist in using an economic model that requires constant growth in order to stay afloat, and falls apart when our needs are met, thus encouraging hyper consumerism and a ever widening gulf between the haves and the have-nots.

We have to ask ourselves why indebtedness to financial institutions, of which only a few people benefit, continues to become increasingly widespread under our present system with no relief in site. Unless real changes are made to the general framework of our economic system, our problems will continue to grow at a pace we may not be able to keep up.

C. H. Douglas, an economist (20 January 1879 – 29 September 1952), author of Economic Democracy and Credit‐Power and Democracy responsible for developing a system of social and economic reform called "Social Credit".

"Banking and credit are too important a business for citizens and politicians to be ignorant of. Upon its fair and equitable administration rests the very existence and future of our society" -- Clifford Huges Douglas
THERE is an ancient saying (which will bear consideration in these days of change and unrest) that the devil is God upside down. A consideration of many of the injurious and tyrannical practices which obtain support in Great Britain and America under the cloak of such words as Justice and Democracy, and the object lesson provided by Russia, and possibly by Italy and Spain as the consequences of their extension, may serve to emphasize the necessity for clear thinking in this matter.

In the following pages an endeavor has been made to indicate the general lines which, it would appear, are essential in dealing not only with the concrete problems, but the perverted psychology which, in combination, threaten civilisation. - Clifford Hughes Douglas

Social Credit by Clifford Hughes Douglas


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